URL Shortener: What Is It and Why To Use It

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The link shortener, or URL shortener, is an essential tool for anyone doing digital marketing. It is known that many networks where your project will be publicized have a character limit. Therefore, using a URL shortener means that this limit does not interfere with the dissemination of your page and, in addition, you free characters to give more information about your product.

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In addition, placing a short link in your disclosure makes it more attractive and optimized and ensures a clean reading. In the vast majority of URL shorteners, a text box will appear on their home screen where you will place the link to be shortened, followed by a button to confirm the shortening, and, in seconds, they will give you the short link, that is, with fewer characters.

Some even have a share button so that the created link goes straight to your social networks. Customizing these short links is possible depending on the chosen shortener. An example of this would be to edit the end of the link created using keywords that draw attention to what the link proposes to show, making the reader already know what it is about and be interested in the content.

What Are the Benefits of Using a URL Shortener?

Below are the advantages you get from reducing your links with URL shorteners:

  • Leaves the post cleaner for the reader; 
  • Disclosure of short links facilitates memorization by the reader; 
  • Facilitates posting on social networks that require a certain character limit; 
  • The inclusion of short URLs in texts that the reader cannot click on, such as images, makes it easier for him to type; 
  • Click tracking and click frequency tracking help to measure how relevant it is to readers and how engaged the public is with your campaign, in addition to mapping their effectiveness since you can measure the number of clicks on that link and where they came from.
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The benefits of using URL-shortening tools are numerous. Link shorteners improve the user experience significantly as they clean up the text and improve the visibility of your business, as a short link is much easier to remember than a giant one.

You’ll still have more characters to type about your business on networks instead of wasting lots of space just to put your link.

As if these advantages were not enough, you can have total control over your clicks, know where they came from, the number of clicks in a given period, and measure how well your campaign is doing (or badly) so that you can take new actions and more assertive, or to know if the way you are doing your marketing is reaching your goals.

Tool Tips for Shortening URLs

There are many tools that allow the user to shorten links, and many of them are free. You just need to initially understand what your goal is to be achieved with this type of solution. Below we describe the best free URL shortener tool with its main functionalities:

Youtube Market URL Shortener

Youtube Market URL Shortener is a free link shortener website that can be used without registering or logging in, and in the latter case, you have access to all the features available. What distinguishes the Youtube Market URL shortener is how it is totally free to use, covers unlimited link shortening features, and can be adapted to the needs of any company.

Using the Youtube Market URL shortener for free is very simple. Simply insert the link you want to shorten in the “URL/link” text box, then click on the “Shorten Link” button. It reads to 100% and shortens your link with the link on the text box, and to copy the new link, click on the “Copy” button.

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There’s nothing worse than receiving a link full of symbols and numbers with several lines that you can’t understand anything, and it seems that nothing makes sense, right? You can’t tell at first if a link like this is reliable, no matter how professional your company is. 

If you’ve never heard of a URL shortener or thought of using a tool like this, now is the time to use the free URL shortener!

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