Vanessa Villanueva
Who is Vanessa Villanueva? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, and More

Who is Vanessa Villanueva? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, and More

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Who is Vanessa Villanueva?

Vanessa Villanueva was born in the United States of America and is an American actress and personality by profession, but perhaps is better known for being married to the American music sensation and guitarist Chris Perez who was the former member of the band Selena y Los Dinos. Chris’s popularity and fame rose with the band and his linkups and private life hence after came in the limelight. Though Chris and Vanessa are no longer together yet she is more popular for being the estranged wife of Chris Perez.

Life before Fame:

Vanessa mostly came into the camera’s eyes after her marriage to the American guitarist and songwriter Chris Perez. Her life before their marriage including her education, childhood, and early life remains out of the spotlight. As Chris Perez joined Selena y Los Dinos, he started gaining a lot of name and fame as the lead guitarist and songwriter for the brand. It was all his great skills and hard work that helped him gain success. After two years of work stint at Selena y Los Dinos, the two i.e. Chris and Selena started dating but there were complications in their relationship as Selena’s father disapproved of the same.

Though they didn’t give up and finally got the much wanted approval from her father. They worked hard together and got a lot of name, fame, and popularity however the fairytale days ended with Selena’s death. She was killed by her former manager Yolanda Saldivar. This incident devastated Chris and forced him to drugs and alcohol. Only after getting out of this spiral, he was introduced to Vanessa through a common friend John Garza. The two started dating in 1998 and eventually married each other in 2001.

During the same time, Chris worked very hard to form a brand in his name called the Chris Perez brand. Vanessa was married to Chris at that time and the success of her then-husband led to an elevation in their net worth significantly. During their time together Chris was making a good name for himself in the industry and was working on many good projects together with his band. He released his first album with his brand entitled “Resurrection”, which got him a Grammy Award for the Best Latin Rock or alternative album. He then had “Una Noche Mas” as the second album under his brand. But the band got fragmented soon. During these days Vanessa was enjoying the best of her days mostly as the wife of a very popular musician.

Vanessa Villanueva Marriage,Family and Divorce:

Vanessa married Chris in 2001 and their marriage was apparently going very well until their divorce in the year 2008. The couple has two children together. There were many speculations and rumors about the reason behind their divorce once they announced it publically. Most rumors stated that the reason behind Vanessa and Chris’s divorce was the fact that he was still into his former wife Selena and could never really let go of his relationship with her, who was murdered and abruptly taken from him.

Despite his love for Vanessa Chris could never move on from his last relationship and she also understood that they would never have the equation he had with his former wife Selena during their time together.

Chris’s love for Selena was evident in public as he left groups like Kumbia Kings and Kumbia All Starz to create his own endeavor called the Chris Perez Project in order to promote the music of his late lover Selena. The book “To Selena, with love” was a book released by Chris detailing his relationship with his former lover Selena which after release gained enormous popularity and a lot of positive reception from both the fans and critics. Vanessa too understood his take on the past and the couple decided to divorce each other.

Vanessa Villanueva With Ex-Husband Chris Perez
Vanessa Villanueva With Ex-Husband Chris Perez

Vanessa Villanueva Acting Career:

Vanessa Villanueva is a promising actor throughout her career life. While most of the ex-wives drive out of the spotlight with their divorce and usually fade away from popularity Vanessa did something different and pursued a career in the entertainment industry as an actor. Her debut project was released in the year 2011 named “Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns”, starring George Thomas and David Heavener which was directed by Marv Z Silverman. The story dealt with a kind of “what if” scenario, in which Elvis Presley did not actually die but was seen to be transported to a different galaxy. He eventually returns back but no one gets to know of that. He eventually enters in an impersonator and the real adventure begins from there. Vanessa’s acting career started with this independent film and that indeed boosted her net worth a lot.

After a span of four years, she was again seen on the screen as she worked on the pilot episode for the series “Forgotten Memories”, starring Rachel Cardenas, Isaiah Andalon, and Jose Alvarez Jr. The show was not a super success and ended after the pilot. We did not see Vanessa take up other acting opportunities hence after, maybe because she did not get any further acting breaks and decided to change her stream of work.

Vanessa Villanueva Personal Life and Social Life:

Ever since her divorce from Chris Perez, Vanessa Villanueva has kept her personal life too much under the sheets. Not much is known about her relationships, personal life, etc. mainly due to social media activity. She doesn’t appear in the media anymore and that becomes one of the major reasons why not much is known about her after she splits with Chris Perez.

She has no online presence as she has no social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. There are numerous accounts in her name but they are unverified and hence are unrelated to her. She tends to keep her personal life too much under the wraps while her ex-husband on the other hand remains to be a public figure who is very active socially and is mostly busy with his music endeavors wanting to ensure that the legacy of his former lover Selena is kept alive.

Vanessa Villanueva Net Worth:

Vanessa Villanueva by the end of 2018 had an enormous net worth of $100,000, which she earned mostly through a successful filmy career in the entertainment industry. Her personal wealth has also been elevated through her ex-husband’s success, as Chris has almost $1.2 million in his accounts. This was a rough approximation of her total net worth which may even increase if she engages herself more in the entertainment industry or other future endeavors may be in the work genres like business, anchoring, or anything else she wishes to be engaged into.

Vanessa Villanueva Biography:

Full NameVanessa Villanueva
Date Of Birth1971
Age50 Year (As of 2021)
Place of BirthCorpus Christi, Texas, USA
Height5 ft 7 inch
Marital StatusMarried
ProfessionActress, BusinessMan

Faq’s about Vanessa Villanueva:

What is the age of Vanessa Villanueva?

The age of Vanessa Villanueva is 50 years.

How did Chris Perez Meet Vanessa Villanueva?

Chris Perez and Vanessa Villanueva met through a mutual friend named John Garza in 1998. Soon after, they fell in love and began dating. Chris Pérez remarried on 26 October 2001. After seven years of marriage, his wife filed for a divorce.

What is the net worth of Vanessa Villanueva?

Vanessa Villanueva’s net worth of $100,000



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