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Are you new to the vaping industry? Unfamiliar with the terms? What exactly is a Vape coil? There is a lot to know but no one to answer! In this article, we will go into deep detail about what vape coils are, what they’re made of, and how they operate. The coil in your vape acts as the heart if the tank and mod are its body. It gives you the flavor from your e-liquid and produces the vapor. In addition, we will show you how to improve your vaping experience and help you find the ideal vape coil for you. We have got you covered, Just keep reading.

 What is a vape coil?

One of the most crucial parts of an e-cigarette is the coil. The e-liquid in your device is heated by coils, which transform it into vapor. In essence, the coil is just a wire that has been spirally wound around the wicking substance of your device. Let’s understand the mechanism of a vape coil;

  • The liquid in your tank is absorbed when you fill up your clearomizer by the wicking material (the piece of cotton you can see inside the metal casing).
  • The power from the battery heats the wire in your coil (the tiny spiral of metal you can see inside the wicking material), which causes the liquid in your wick to begin to vaporize.
  • The vapor enters your mouth or lungs as you draw on the drip tip of your vape and travels up the chimney.

Different Types of Vape Coils

While the majority of vapers are aware of the different coil resistance ratings, not all of them are concerned about coil type. The term “type of coil” refers to the arrangement of the metal material used to make the coil, which is frequently available in two varieties: mesh and regular/standard coils.

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Mesh Coils

 Mesh coils are grid-like metal strips that are frequently constructed of Kanthal or stainless steel. It is intended to expand the surface area for better contact with your wicking material, which is often cotton, to produce the most vapor and flavor.

Regular Coils

A single thread of wire is “coiled” into a spiral heating element to create regular coils, also known as standard or traditional coils.

Ceramic Coils

Coils made of ceramic offer the best viscosity. Due to the fact that the heating element and fiber tube in ceramic coils won’t deteriorate, this viscosity is significantly thicker than that of the wicking coil cartridge. Because any e-liquid that emerges from the coil must pass through the ceramic before reaching the mouthpiece, this lowers the possibility of spitting back. The ceramics’ small pores prevent distillates from collecting around the coil.

Different Types of coils based on Materials-

  • Kanthal
  • Nichrome
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel
  • Titanium

What is vape coil resistance or Ohm?

The units of resistance are ohms. Your atomizer will conduct more current through it if its resistance is lower. The atomizer receives less current as resistance is increased.

So, which resistance level should be used? You decide the strength of the throat hit and taste according to your preferences.  Additionally, it is crucial to understand the connection between resistance (Ohms) and voltage (Volts). Additionally, different e-liquids behave differently, and using a variety of resistance levels can affect taste, so you need to experiment. The benefits of vaping for various atomizer resistance levels are described below;

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Using a low-resistance atomizer, which permits more current to flow through, results in:

  • A warmer vapor
  • Often more vapor
  • A dry hit
  • Your e liquid will be used up more quickly
  • Lower Ohm coils may result in premature battery failure.

In contrast, this occurs when you use a high-resistance atomizer:

  • the life of the battery is longer
  • less e-liquid is consumed (lasts longer)
  • you are less likely to experience a dry hit
  • the coil receives less current
  • the atomizer heats less
  • the amount of vapor is smaller
  • the vapor is cooler
  • the vapor has a more intense taste

How using the right vape coil can improve your vaping experience?

How much flavor you get from your e-cigarette greatly depends on the type of coil you pick. Although individual taste is very important, there are some general guidelines that can help you get the best flavor. When purchasing a coil, make sure the item is compatible with the device you are currently using.

Choosing Coil as per Tank- Of course, the tank or pod you are using is the first factor to take into account when selecting a coil for your vape. You must make sure the coil you purchase is compatible with the tank or pod you are currently using because not all coils are universal and may not fit. As you may be aware, there are various vape products available on the market today, including sub-ohm mods, dripping systems, and traditional standard mods, all of which can accommodate various tanks. You must keep in mind that the coil is determined by the TANK or POD, not the MOD.

Choosing as per Resistance Level and Recommended Wattage Range- Every mod is different. The majority of regulated mods have variable wattage, which allows you to adjust the wattage to suit different coils. If your mod has variable wattage, the only thing you need to confirm is that the coil you’re selecting has a recommended wattage range that falls within the wattage range your mod can handle. Single battery mods typically have an 80W maximum, while dual battery mods typically have a 180–220W maximum. As a result, if your mod only has an 80W power limit, you wouldn’t pick a coil that is intended to be used between 120 and 140W.

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How to know when it’s time to change your vape coil?

When the time is right to change a coil, you will know because less vapor will be produced, and this will eventually result in a flavor resembling “burnt toast”,Let’s examine some additional factors that suggest to replace the Vape coil;

  • Your Vape is Gurgling- If you have recently changed the coil and are hearing this noise, it may be because the coil was not properly positioned in your Vape. You might try removing and reattaching the coil while making sure that all of the holes are aligned correctly, if you continue to noticeably hear gurgling while vaping, it’s time for Vape Coil Replacement.

●     Your Vape Tastes Burnt- The majority of vapers will experience this, and it’s probably the most obvious sign that your coil needs to be replaced. When you vape, you’ll get a truly awful “burnt” taste in the back of your throat that’s so acrid and uncomfortable. This indicates that the wick and coil materials have likely burned and are no longer salvageable, so it’s time for an Vape Coil Replacement.

  • Vape Leaks- It’s time to give your e-cigarette a thorough inspection if e-liquid is leaking out of the tank or seeping into your battery. Take it apart, give it a thorough cleaning, make sure the batteries are fine, and then carefully put it back together. If the leak persists, remove the coil and look inside; you might be able to see where it is coming from. Changing the Vape coil will help you with the leakage protection.

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