Victory Day parade begins in Russia, says Vladimir Putin

Victory Day parade begins in Russia, says Vladimir Putin
Victory Day parade begins in Russia, says Vladimir Putin

This post was most recently updated on December 15th, 2022

Victory Day parade has begun in the Russian capital, Moscow’s Red Square. The BBC reports that uniformed soldiers are carrying Russian and Soviet flags while playing a provocative band.  

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The parade began in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and other dignitaries. Uniformed troops, tanks, and nuclear missiles were already on display in the presence of Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin observed a minute of silence at the beginning of his speech today. This silence was observed in memory of the Russian soldiers who were killed in World War II and are now on the battlefields of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin says Russian troops are fighting for Russia’s security. He congratulated the elders on the day of ‘Great Victory’.

Putin said Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine was necessary and timely. He also commented that it was the “right decision” for an independent, strong, sovereign country.

Putin says there have been tensions with other European countries and NATO over the past year. Russia has called on Europe to reach a fair deal. But they did not want to listen to us, and they said that they were preparing for a punitive operation in the eastern part of Ukraine.

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