Vietinbank – nearest atm, switchboard number

Vietinbank - nearest atm, switchboard number
Vietinbank - nearest atm, switchboard number

All About Vietinbank

One of the biggest advantages of saving money and the safest way to store your income is through a bank and almost all countries have a banking system in the country. So what is a bank? Having a bank or being a member of one is now an essential asset to have in a financial way. The bank gives security, and financial service and also facilitate cash flow to the economy of the country. For this reason, the country of Vietnam also has a bank system that is state-owned name Vietinbank. 

Vietinbank is a joint-stock commercial bank located in Vietnam that offers a variety of services that have in each common bank and some that are unique to Vietnibank. Its main purpose on why it was established is to provide financing to support the country’s economic development and financial services to its people. 

Vietinbank stakeholders in recent years are owned by the Vietnamese government and a number of institutional and individual sectors. But the majority of the shares are by the Vietnamese government amounting to 64.46% of the shares which is about 3/5 another huge stakeholder for about 19.73% is the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial group, and the rest of the percentages are from the other sectors. 

With many years in operation, the Vietinbank gathers an amount of presence and recognition from the country even naming it as the most reputable and largest bank in Vietnam. The bank has offered countless services now from financial products to services for retail and corporate members.

Thanks to Vietinbank’s reputation, the bank operates about 1,000 branches all around Vietnam and some also in other neighboring countries. The bank collected a stockpile of assets estimated to be about 1.5 quadrillion Vietnamese Dong which is approximately around 64 billion dollars. 

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The history of Vietinbank, the bank was established in 1988 under the name of “Industrial and Commercial Bank of Vietnam”. Then further in the year, in 2008 the said bank merged with Incombank and was newly named Vietinbank. 

Finally, in 2017, the Vietinbank was listed on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange, making it the first stated-own bank listed on stock exchanges. 

For today’s event of VietinBank, It continues to be a go-to bank for the people in Vietnam in supporting the country’s economic development and financial services. 

VietinBanks’ long years of operation are thanks to the continuous supervision and regulation of the State bank of Vietnam. And the Central location of the VietinBanks headquarters is at the capital of Vietnam which is Hanoi and has a swift code of ICBVVNVX.

Needs and Requirements in VietinBank

Every bank in different countries has its own requirement in order to make business with the bank. Each transaction also has different files and documentation and the type of it matters as well. If it’s for personal use, corporate, or business each has its common and unique requirements to fulfill, and here are some requirements needed in VietinBank

Credit History: Borrowers are mostly required to have good credit and in order to have an It, the borrowers would need to pay the loans on time and don’t have a running problem with their debt. This would make sure that the borrower’s credit history is good and trusted. 

Income and Employment: Banks need to know how the borrowers will repay the loan and this come by knowing the borrower’s mode of income. The type of job or business as well will be a factor for the borrower to get a loan since income stability is essential for the borrower. 

Collateral: This requirement is most common and helps the relationship between the borrower and the bank fair. The collateral must also be equal to the type of loan the borrowers avail.

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Age and Citizenship: Age must be 18 years old and above, and must be a permanent citizen and resident of Vietnam

Other files and documents: Vietinbank will now require the borrower to give the needed documents and files according to the type of loan.

Available Loan types 

VietinBank has numerous financial services for the borrower to avail. Each document and files are unique to the type of loan and below are some of the most common and major loan types:

Personal Loans: The duration for the loan to be approved would take up to several weeks as the bank will assess your requirements and validate them to meet the criteria. Once approved, the repayments would be paid according to the agreement in VietinBank

Home Loans: This type of loan will take longer than the previous one as this would take several months as the VietinBank will carefully asses your requirements before they give out the loan. Once approved, repayment would be according to the agreement

Auto Loans: the duration of this loan before getting approved is only a number of days. Same process as the previous loans and their repayment agreement as well. 

Credit Card: These financial services would have a different approach from the previous loans but a common requirement would still take place like credit history, income, and more. Once approved a credit card will be given and the borrower would use it as they please but repayment will also be done. 

Pros and Cons of VietinBank

VietinBank as we know it is hailed as the most reputable and largest state-own bank in Vietnam and has been running and operational for at least 3 decades. And for this. a presence of pros and cons is important to identify more about the bank. 


Reputation: VietinBank is the most reputable and largest bank in Vietnam, its reputation alone is a huge factor in choosing VietinBank as your preferred bank.

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Nationwide Branch and ATM networks: Because it is the most used and preferred by the people in Vietnam, its branch and atm networks can be found in any place in Vietnam and now reach into neighboring countries.

Trusted financial products and services: Thanks to its multiple awards and its longevity, rest assured that your financial status is safe and multiple services are available for you. They also offer low interest for your loaning needs. 


Limited International presence: VietinBank is in the process of branching out its bank to neighboring countries making its presence known but it is still limited and less accessible outside the country 

Limited online and mobile banking capabilities: VietinBank has its own mobile banks but its robustness is less and the user-friendly of the app is not yet comparable to some of the well-known banks worldwide.

Other language support: VietinBank is a state-own bank so it is common to have their national language as the default one but since they are branching out, language support is much needed.

Interest rates: VietinBanks may offer good low-interest deals but it differs from region to region therefore some competition would be present in other regions. 

Contact VietinBank Now!

VietinBank is known nationwide thus its reach is very much accessible. Here are some of the ways to contact VietinBank:

Branches and Vietinbank ATM: holds over 1000 branches and atm nationwide and it can easily be seen in any city, mall, infrastructure, and building in Vietnam. 

Contact Details: Even though they have numerous branches, its main headquarters is located in VietcomBank Tower, 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam https://cho-vay.com/bank/vietinbank/ 

Contact number: +84 24 3825 3434, 1900545415 (domestic) or +84 24 7108 5656 (international)

Internet Presence: VeitinBank has its own website, email, and Facebook account and the links are as follows.







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