Virtual Reality Shooting Practice

Virtual Reality Shooting Practice
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I believe that dry-firing will become the future of gun training, at least until the improvement of virtual reality, or VR for short. With dry-firing ranges, the cost of ammunition is a non-issue, and the maintenance of weaponry would only be that of battery power for the laser pointer inside the gun.

Now the sheer ability for citizens to gain access to the technology for these dry-firing ranges, dry fire training can be performed anywhere. The setup can be surprisingly small thus allowing people to put up the dry-firing hardware at home or in the office. This ability allows for regular training for the average civilian and thus over time this training will increase one’s shooting skills.

This kind of training will refine the shooter’s movements with a gun to the greatest extent. A person undergoing this training will learn how to grip their weapons correctly, they will be able to aim the gun properly. Furthermore, they will learn how to reload, and finally how to change their magazines.

The dry-firing simulation would be the best way to rid the trainee of bad habits, these habits being the fear of loud noises and the fear of recoil. With the dry-firing simulation, the trainee will be able to withstand the loud noises and eventually learn how to deal with the recoil of the weapons.

There are many steps to gaining proficiency for a firearm one, is not fearing the weapon. People often forget that a gun is a tool, if it is unstable the tool would be a hindrance if a gun is a hindrance, it gets disposed of. If a weapon is unreliable then no one will use it, including the militaries of the world, since they all use guns, it would be hubris to think that a gun is “unstable” if no one touches it.

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With the creation of virtual reality technology, the ability for a person to learn and adapt has improved dramatically. There are cooking platforms in VR, that allow people to develop cooking skills online while giving them recipes to follow using real-life metrics. So, in a way dry-firing is just taking a graceful step towards the future, this future might entail the complete integration of senses inside of the virtual world.

Humans need a form of entertainment to learn exceptionally well. For example, if a student tried to use flashcards for an entire day, they would only retain the knowledge for a few days or even weeks. Now take that same student and gather the information they are trying to learn and make a game out of it. Math Blasters comes to mind in this regard, as they had created a sort of “game” out of learning math.

Indeed, the virtual training session would create real-life scenarios for the trainee to run through. Now “gamifying” the standard shooting range would allow the trainee to see how they can use their firearm in various scenarios, like a school shooter situation or maybe a terrorist bombing.

All of these could be enhanced by tips and tips and tricks; if they were “killed,” maybe a set amount of time is dedicated to speakers teaching how to ensure safety for the trainee. As the trainee gets further into the levels, more difficulties would be necessary; more would-be murderers and civilians running in the middle of the firefight.

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