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Vivah Muhurat 2021 | Shubh Muhurat For Marriage

Auspicious wedding dates in 2021

India is widely known for its different colors and cultures. A place where the wedding is not just a family get together, but pure worship of Lord Ram and Sita. The wedding season in India is celebrated similarly to festive seasons. There are several rituals that need to be followed by both the families of the couple. And the very first ritual for marriage is finding a Shubh Muhurat (an auspicious date for the wedding). These dates are calculated after matching the Kundali of both bride and groom, but there are some specific dates known as Shubh Muhurat, and they are considered essential for successful married life.

The year 2020 had many auspicious wedding dates, but it was devastated due to the pandemic. But, for those who thought to get married at the start of 2021, there is a piece of bad news for them. According to some of the best astrologers in India, in 2021, there will be very less number of Shubh Muhurat, especially at the beginning of the month due to the drawn of Jupiter (Guru ast) in January and the drawn of Venus (Shukra ast) in February and so on. A detailed list of dates is mentioned below.

Month Available Dates
January 18/01/2021 – Monday
February No dates
March No dates
April 22/04/2021 – Thursday 24/04/2021 – Saturday 26/04/2021 – Monday 27/04/2021 – Tuesday 28/04/2021 – Wednesday 29/04/2021 – Thursday 30/04/2021 – Friday
May 1/05/2021 – Saturday 2/05/2021 – Sunday 7/05/2021 – Friday 8/05/2021 – Saturday 9/05/2021 – Sunday 13/05/2021 – Thursday 14/05/2021 – Friday 21/05/2021 – Friday 23/05/2021 – Saturday 24/05/2021 – Monday 26/05/2021 – Wednesday 28/05/2021 – Friday 29/05/2021 – Saturday 30/05/2021 – Sunday
June 3/06/2021 – Thursday 4/06/2021 – Friday 5/06/2021 – Saturday 16/06/2021 – Wednesday 19/06/2021 – Saturday 20/06/2021 – Sunday 22/06/2021 – Tuesday 23/06/2021 – Wednesday 24/06/2021 – Thursday
July 1/07/2021 – Thursday 2/07/2021 – Friday 7/07/2021 – Wednesday 13/07/2021 – Tuesday 15/07/2021 – Thursday
August No dates
September No dates
October No dates
November 15/11/2021 – Monday 16/11/2021 – Tuesday 20/11/2021 – Saturday 21/11/2021 – Sunday 28/11/2021 – Sunday 29/11/2021 – Monday 30/11/2021 – Tuesday
December 1/12/2021 – Wednesday 6/12/2021 – Monday 7/12/2021 – Tuesday 11/12/2021 –Saturday 13/12/2021 – Monday

Although all the above are good for wedding dates, they are calculated by best astrologer in India but always remember, auspicious wedding days should be chosen on the basis of kundalis, which is done by astrologers.

Online Astrologer Talk

There are several platforms where you can talk to astrologer. As compared to the previous year, 2021 does not have much muhurat for weddings, but it is not said that you can’t find any date to tie with your partner.

January has only one shubh muhurat. Most of the auspicious day is falling in the months of April, May & June. 

In January, due to the disposition of planet Guru and in February, the absence of Venus are leaving us without any shubh muhurat. The weddings can’t take place from the end of July to mid of November as it will be Chaturmas during these days.

Good fortune for the wedding will again start after the Tulsi Vivah in November.The Indian astrologers highly recommend not to choose any desired date without concerning astrologers. Nowadays, you can connect to online astrologer and talk to them if you have any Dosh (flaws) in kundali.

According to Vedas and astrology, weddings and related rituals should be done on good days for a better and peaceful married life.

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