WeiArtCollections And Their Tesla-Inspired Innovation Apex Series T Artwork

WeiArtCollections And Their Tesla-Inspired Innovation Apex Series T Artwork
WeiArtCollections And Their Tesla-Inspired Innovation Apex Series T Artwork
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WeiArtCollections have generously pleased the creative industry with the most exciting contemporary private crypto art collections the world has ever seen. 

And the future seems bright for this niche creator, as they keep inspiring and tickling the curiosity of millions by keeping them in anticipation for their next significant and seductive physical and NFT private collections of artwork.

The visionary behind this unique platform of creative artists, based globally, Jean Marquette, has made the headlines again with their newest multi-million dollar Tesla-inspired art project, the Innovation Apex Series T. 

Upon asking Jean Marquette about the inspiration behind this latest artwork, he responded that he had been a fan since the release of the first-Tesla car, the Roadster. 

The logo was so revolutionary that he envisioned the artwork and embarked on a journey to create 42 spectacular sets of work based on this future-forward company, out of which he has released three.

Tesla is well known for their unique electric cars, clean energy, and space science, and it’s all about the future, so Marquette and his creative minds have been on board with all the innovations and everything Tesla stands for.

He marked this series as the artwork that compliments and honors Tesla, bringing their dedication to climate control and working solely for the betterment of humanity to the attention of all the masses. 

WeiArtCollections has also mentioned that every piece of this collection would be unique and would not be recreated.

The Innovation Apex Series T artworks seek asylum with the people who genuinely support, understand, care, and appreciate this contemporary art and its value. Hence, WeiArtCollections offers all contemporary art collectors from various parts of the world the opportunity to own them.

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This breathtaking series is showcased on the official WeiArtCollections.art, and the first three comes in three different volumes. 

The first is Innovation Series T, untitled volume 1, a powerful and intimidating black, mixed-media abstract work inspired by the logo of Tesla.

It sends a menacing, dark, and dramatic aura on its chosen place of display, and this attention-grabbing artwork stands 8ft tall by 4ft wide.

It weighs approximately 130 pounds and is priced at ETH 26,792 and GBP 34,287,725. 

Volume 2 from the Limited Innovation Series T collection, untitled “Mars,” is as contemporary as it can come and dynamic to its core.

This artwork features the logo of Tesla but with a flashy twist of red, white, and black colors combined to perfection.

The visually captivating artwork, Mars, stands 8ft tall by 4ft wide and weighs approximately 130 pounds. WeiArtCollections has priced this beauty at ETH 26,278.87 and GBP 33,561,632.

And lastly, Volume 3 of this Limited Series T collection comes with a beautiful triple black and red color mixed-media abstract work that represents the Tesla logo in all its glory. 

The black glass fused on top of the red layer complements the matted black background gracefully, and it stands 8ft tall by 4ft wide. This artwork weighs approximately 130 pounds and is priced at ETH 30,783.68 and GBP 39,208,050

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