Wharton Entrepreneur Marko Lamza Invited to Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island for Impact-Based Mastermind

Wharton Entrepreneur Marko Lamza Invited to Sir Richard Branson's Private Island for Impact-Based Mastermind.
Wharton Entrepreneur Marko Lamza Invited to Sir Richard Branson's Private Island for Impact-Based Mastermind.
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Marko Lamza, a 26-year-old entrepreneur was recently invited to Sir Richard Branson’s private island Necker, after being selected for a prestigious “Maverick Next Impact Award.”

The award was given to the world’s most promising young impact-driven entrepreneurs who got to spend time with Sir Richard Branson along with over 30 industry leaders, tech billionaires, and influential business figures part of exclusive business network “Maverick1000”. Past contributors include Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, Spanx founder Sara Blakely, Tim Ferris and others. 

Lamza has an impressive background, from winning multiple international awards and graduating from a prestigious Ivy League school to publishing a book at 18, working in a London-based hedge fund and creating an online education and consulting company that has impacted over 10 million people by the age of 26. 

When asked about how he achieved so much in a relatively short period of time, Marko said that he’s motivated by seeing the impact his companies have on millions of people and said “I can wait… but time will not. I know that in order to have the impact on society I’d love to have, time is of the essence. Sometimes, we don’t feel ready for the next step in life or business. But having a big vision driving us forward, and making a firm decision to make something happen within a specific period of time forces us to think outside of the box to make it happen anyway”.

On his recent experience, Marko said, “I’m incredibly grateful for having been invited to spend time with Sir Richard Branson and other incredible entrepreneurs at Necker.” Reflecting on the lessons he learned from Branson, he added, “You’d be surprised how many incredibly successful people are very friendly and would love to help young entrepreneurs succeed. Most entrepreneurs just never ask for help or seek mentors!“

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Other industry leading entrepreneurs joined Marko on Necker Island event: Dane Baker (USA) of Ecocart; Vilde Regine Tellnes (Norway) of Healthy Eats; Jester Schilder (Netherlands) of Benjamin Auctus; Milimo Banji (UK) of TapIn, Timothy Highnam (UK) of Fission Advertising. 

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