What are 21 questions game: All you need to know


The most interesting game is eh 21-game freaky questions. When people play this game they can enjoy it. Normally this game was played between the toe person but many more people will also play this game. While you play this game you can enjoy and have more fun with your buddies. 21 questions game freaky is very simple if you want to play this game. If you didn’t know how to play the game then I will guide you on how you can play and enjoy time with your friends.

How to play the game:

The game is made between the two people. Two people play this game if want more to play then they will also join you. In the 21-game freaky questions, the two friends ask questions to each other and know all about each other personalities. If you and your friend newly met each other and you don’t know other personalities, then this game is best for you to know about the personality of one another’s. There is no limit to what type of questions you ask, what questions in your mind you can ask with your friends. If you are confused that what type of question you ask your friends when first you met with him/her I will tell you some questions to ask for a girl or a box. If you feel awkward that what type of question you ask then I will guide you all.

21 questions that you asked for a girl in a 21 game freaky questions:

1. In your wardrobe what’s your favorite dress?

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2. In a girl, or boy relationship what do you like the most?

3. In another girl what do you like the most?

4. If you make your day a perfect day what would you do?

5. In your playlist eye are your desert island?

6. Your favorite place in the world?

7. If you have a choice to live anywhere in the world. Your favorite place you go?

8. What things make you laugh?

9. For your work what do you do?

10. What do you think in a relationship is the biggest deal-breaker.

11. Your favorite dish that you want to eat most?

12. What color do you like the most to wear to parties?

13. Name the three things that are always in your handbag with you?

14. What do you think if we both are studying in a high school together? What do you think we would have been dated or just friends?

15. In your life the most annoying thing you ever did/

16. Tell me your life plan for the next 5 years that you decided you do?

17. Do you think if asked some important things about you with your friends would he/she describe you the best?

18. If you make your day perfect? What would you do?

19. What do you think is a girl who is more passionate?

20. What is 10 value spinner?

21. Your hobbies?

To play 21 games freaky question asking for a boy?

If you play 21 games freaky question games with your friend I will share with you some questions to ask?

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1. Name your favorite movies you want most and your favorite song that you listen to most in your life?

2. What job do you do at this time? And what job do you want in your childhood?

3. Just think if you have a lottery what do you do for this?

4. Your role model?

5. Your favorite place where you want to go again and again?

6. What’s your favorite pet animal that you want to take into your home?

7. What’s the business that you want to do?

8. The country you want to visit most?

9. Tell me that open thing that always makes you hungry?

10. Tell them something that women do with you and never forget in your life?

11. In your life what’s the funniest thing that you ever did in your life?

12. Name the something on that you spend money but later you realize I wasted my money by spending on it?

13. Do you like smoking?

14. In your life is a chance given you to ask the question with your friends what you like to ask?

15. Have any nicknames of yours?

16. If a time machine was given to you, where you go anywhere in time or visit the future?

17. What song do you play again and again in your playlist?

18. In your past relationship, what lesson did you learn?

19. If a book was given to you to write about your life what is the name of that book/

20. Explain yourself in some words?


These are all questions I will tell you can ask your friend whether she is a girl ore is a boy. What type of questions do you ask I will tell you all?