What Are Battery Warmers And Why Are They Useful

Battery Warmers

This post was most recently updated on April 6th, 2023

People often wonder why they need car battery warmers for their automobiles. After all, they expect their cars to be self-sustaining and perform these functions. But the truth is that you need to put in extra effort to make sure your automobile is in ship shape at all times.

This includes using a flexible heating element to ensure your car battery stays warm when you need it to. This is why custom heaters are especially useful for those living in the colder parts of the country.

But not everyone is convinced of the many benefits of battery warmers. Let’s discuss why you might need a battery warmer for your automobile this winter.

What A Battery Warmer Is

Let’s start by talking about what a flexible battery heater is all about. Those who own automobiles are aware that low temperatures affect the liquid inside the battery. Once the liquid is affected, it would slow down the process that produces the electric current.

This is where custom flexible heaters for automobiles come in. These are wraps that you can put around your battery. You can leave these wraps around your battery and keep them there during the harsh winters. You can rest assured that the wraps from good companies are built to last.

So, it doesn’t make sense to buy a cheap battery warmer to save a few dollars. Instead, remember to invest in a good battery heater to keep your battery working. Also, remember that there are different kinds of heaters for automobile batteries. We’ll briefly discuss these types of car battery heaters here.

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Polyester Battery Heaters

These heaters are meant to be moisture-resistant. This is why they’re often used in places that have damp, cold weather. You can use these polyester heaters to heat large areas without spending too much on them. So, you can consider polyester heaters a budget option for heating automobile batteries.

Also, another advantage is that these heaters are customizable. You’re sure to find a polyester heater that fits the size and shape of your battery. The fact that they are customizable makes for easy application as well.

This type of heater can even cover slightly curved surfaces. But remember to check your automobile’s shape before you invest in a polyester heater.

Silicone Rubber Heaters

A big advantage of using silicone rubber heaters is that they’re flexible and versatile. You can use these heaters to apply heat exactly where you want it in your automobile. These high-heat custom heaters have a temperature range of 200 degrees Celsius. So it’s easy to see why these rubber heaters would be useful in harsh winters.

Besides, these custom heaters are also resistant to moisture and exposure to ozone. Most silicone rubber heaters are also pretty safe to use. This is because they’re resistant to chemicals that could damage your automobile battery.

Kapton Battery Heaters

Kapton battery heaters are the best option for heating your car battery right away. These custom heaters work fast and provide immediate heat transfer to your battery. You could even use these if you need only a thin, flexible heating element.

Kapton heaters are also referred to as polyimide heaters. The properties of polyimide allow it to resist moisture even in high-humidity areas. These custom heaters are also useful in areas that require frequent sterilization. This is why they are ideal for those who want low-maintenance automobiles.

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How To Use A Custom Heater

You can use a custom heater by wrapping it around your battery and joining the ends. The ends usually have Velcro on them to secure the battery warmer in place. These heating elements also have electrical plugs you can insert into extension cords. You simply wrap your battery and plug in the heater to get it to start working.

In most cases, you can leave your flexible heating element for an entire night. But make sure you check the instructions on your heater before you plug it in. The heater will keep the cells inside your automobile battery warm to let them function.

Automobiles often have to brave harsh weather conditions in winter. This is why it makes sense to use a custom heater for your automobile to keep it working well. Also, it helps that installing these custom flexible heaters is simple enough. Your car’s battery is most likely housed inside a plastic box.

Check how big the box is and how much space there is between the box and the battery. This will help you determine the size of the custom heater you’d need to buy to keep your battery warm. Remember to leave some room for air so you don’t burn the plastic in the battery container.

Also, plan out where you’re going to store the power cord when you’re going to use the heater. This would make it easier for you to turn on the heating element when the need arises.

How Often You Should Use Battery Warmers

The final thing to remember here is to use battery heaters often during the winter months. You can use your heating element every day or every alternate day, depending on how cold it is. This will help you ensure your heater will perform the way you want it to.

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You can keep the heater plugged in when your car is parked to keep your battery as warm as possible. This will allow you to keep your battery warm regardless of how cold the weather is outside. But remember to keep your cord accessible so you can turn on the flexible heating element when you need to.

The accessible location of the heater shouldn’t be anywhere near moving parts of your car. You should see to this to ensure the custom heater doesn’t cause accidents in your automobile.


You may now be able to see why you should use a custom heater for your car battery. But remember to consider the size of your battery and type of automobile before buying a heater. Also, remember to consider the kind of weather conditions you’ll be facing when using the battery.

Some flexible heating elements work better than others in extreme weather conditions. Some heaters warm up your battery immediately, while others take time. This is another factor to consider when buying a flexible heating element. Also, remember to invest in a heater that wraps around your car battery in the right way.

If you consider these elements, you’re sure to find the right battery warmer to suit your needs.

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