What are the Essential Pool Accessories

A swimming pool is an excellent addition to any property. It improves the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces, offers a great entertainment area, and increases property value. However, a pool is not complete without some simple accessories. These improve durability, access, convenience, and functionality. Here we answer the question, what accessories will you need for your pool?

Pool cover

A pool cover is an essential accessory that keeps your pool clean and debris-free. Pool covers save you time and money on cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, the accessory reduces evaporation and saves on chemical application making the installation eco-friendly. Pool covers also come in different materials, including mesh and vinyl. 

The open and close function of a pool cover can either be automatic or manual. An automated system is operated by a motor that drags the pool cover open or close with the push of a button. On the other hand, a manual cover requires some physical effort to open and close. 

Pool cleaner

Pool cleaners take on the primary task of keeping your pool clean and free of debris for a good swimming experience. The options for pool cleaners include suction, robotic and pressure cleaners. Robotic cleaners are quite popular and have a self-contained design that runs independently of your pool’s filtration system. The system is highly efficient in removing debris. On the other hand, suction and pressure cleaners are hooked up to your pool’s filtration system and navigate the pool, using suction or pressure to pick up debris.

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Pool ladder

Pool ladders are installed to provide safety and improve access. They come in different styles and sizes, such as A-frame, deck-mounted, or in-pool ladders. The A-frame ladders are freestanding and placed outside the pool, while deck-mounted ladders are installed on the pool deck. On the other hand, in-pool ladders are mounted inside the pool and are ideal for above-ground pools.

Pool skimmer

Pool skimmers are nets that help remove leaves, bugs, and other debris from the water’s surface. The installation is attached to your pool’s filtration system and works by sucking debris into the skimmer basket. Using pool skimmers maintains the water quality and prevents the buildup of debris that can clog the pool filter.

Pool pump and filter

Pool pumps and filters are essential to clean and clear swimming pool water. The pool pump circulates water through the filter to remove debris and particles. The most common pool filter types are sand, cartridge, and DE (diatomaceous earth). Each has pros and cons, but the overall result is a better swimming experience. 

Pool heater

Pool heaters are accessories that can extend your swimming season by keeping the water warm and comfortable. Most heaters are either gas, electric, or solar-powered and vary in efficiency and cost. The most popular option is the gas heater, revered for its heating capacity. However, it’s also the most expensive to operate. On the other hand, electric heaters are more efficient but take longer to heat the water. Solar heaters are the most environmentally friendly but also the most dependent on weather conditions.

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Pool chemicals

Chemicals such as chlorine, pH balancers, and algaecides are necessary to maintain pool water quality and prevent bacterial growth. Chlorine is the most common pool sanitiser. It’s primarily applied to kill bacteria and algae. On the other hand, pH balancers keep the water’s pH level within the optimal range, preventing skin and eye irritation. Algaecides prevent algae growth and keep the water clear and clean.

Pool toys

Pool toys improve the users’ experience and add fun to swimming. Some common toys include floaties, noodles, and balls. Pool toys can also serve as workout tools if you want to do your cardio in the water.

Pool accessories improve the experience in and around the swimming pool, making them a worthwhile investment.

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