What Are the Great Benefits Of Farm Machinery & How Do They Help You?

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Farming dates to extremely early civilisations and has been around for around 23,000 years. Early agriculture was concerned with seeding and caring for certain plants; but, as food needs expanded, there was a need for additional techniques and farming equipment and machinery. Overall, owing to the advancement of industrial technology, most farming and agricultural processes have been enhanced to boost production while reducing labour time and cost.

Agriculture accounts for 6.4% of global economic output. If you are planning to start a farm or are already a farmer, you must be aware that it is difficult to operate a farm without proper machinery, regardless of how hard you work or how competent you are. To boost production and profitability while cutting expenses and overheads, you must invest in excellent agricultural machinery such as tractors, tractor attachments, irrigation systems and a variety of other commercial items.

Agriculture and farming mechanisation has changed the industry with its plethora of advantages which not only helps the farming industry but overall, many industries to work and process faster. Here is a quick guide about farm machinery, early life without it and it advantages in present days.

What Was Life Like Before Farm Machinery?

The 16th, 17th and 18th centuries saw the invention of some of the first agricultural equipment. Machinery depended on the power of humans and animals to operate back then. Those who could afford horses or oxen pulled ploughs, but many farmers had to do everything by hand. They sowed with scythes and combed the soil with hoes. Farming is still hard labour today, but new agricultural machinery has made it less tiring.

Farmers began experimenting with new methods and innovations, such as the cotton gin, around the end of the 18th century. Other inventions included the seed drill, which allowed for speedier seed planting, and the horse hoe, which was used for ploughing. At the same time, crop rotation emerged as an innovative approach for increasing crop yields while keeping the soil nutrient rich. Each of these breakthroughs has been a watershed moment in agricultural technology history.

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Animals were still the primary source of power in farming in the early 19th century. But later in the century, steam power became more important. During World War I, petrol-powered tractors became widespread and diesel engines followed. The number of farm labourers in industrialised nations started to consistently fall over the 20th century, while agricultural productivity started to grow tremendously due to the usage of farm machinery.

Why Is Farm Machinery So Important In Today’s Life?

The following generation would have no idea how terrible that age was when people had to farm with animals. They were also required to levy self-force for ploughing, seeding, planting, watering, and reaping and harvesting the crops when they were properly prepared. It was undoubtedly a difficult or exhausting procedure in which they spent their days and nights working alongside their families and animals. Every crop requires unique care, and the agricultural method differs and varies with each crop. Farmers had to adapt regularly and build self-strength to deal with the changing processes.

Farmers employed self-made tools tied to the backs of animals during a time when modern equipment was unavailable. The difficulty was that the animals used to produce agricultural power, but they also nibbled on at least 20% of farm yield. Farmers couldn’t do much with it since it was treated as fuel. On one hand, animals were the only driver of agri-growth, but they also consumed a significant quantity of agricultural products.

Then came a revolutionary time in which the significance of modern agricultural machinery, implements, and implement pullers (tractors) evolved. Companies went through thought and experimentation procedures, which resulted in technical improvement. They designed tractors and attachable tools to make farming easier and to boost output in a cost and time-effective manner.

How Does Farm Machinery Benefit Farmers Today?

Decreased Production Time

Production time is decreased with high-quality equipment. Human bodies are more than competent at doing most jobs, but because time is precious, excellent high-quality farm tractors and agricultural attachments will allow you to complete your work in a short amount of time. While purchasing a quality advanced tractor may appear to be an expensive financial expenditure, you will quickly realise that it was a sensible investment in your business.

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There are numerous high-quality tractors on the market that are long lasting, feature rich, and simple to maintain. If your cash flow does not allow you to purchase the equipment entirely, there are financing solutions available to help you stretch the expense and allow you to develop and expand your business without incurring huge upfront fees.

Improvements In Agricultural Technique

The greatest agricultural advancements are in irrigation, land reclamation and soil erosion prevention. We may gain additional land and thus extend the farmed area by levelling hillocks, filling depressions and ditches, and eradicating deep-rooted weeds with tractor-attached cultivators. This also avoids soil erosion. In addition to mechanical fertilisation, contour bunding and terracing are done mechanically using self-driven graders and terraces.

Enhanced Efficiency

When it comes to agricultural machinery, the most expensive does not always imply the finest quality, so conduct your research and consult with professionals before purchasing your equipment. There are several manufacturers who create high-quality farm tractors, tractor attachments, and other agricultural machinery, all of which will improve your operation’s efficiency. Cash saved because of enhanced efficiency may be re-invested in your farming business, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. With companies like Super-Dry, you can breathe futher life into certain farm equipment thanks to the world of desiccant air dryers.

It is also crucial to remember that your investment in farming equipment must be protected. A routine maintenance plan is required to guarantee that the performance and longevity of your equipment are maintained.

Address Farm Labour Shortages

With changes to how civilisation works, we’re seeing more people relocate from rural to metropolitan cities in pursuit of work, resulting in a labour shortage. Agriculture machinery such as inter cultivators and power tillers can help farmers lessen their reliance on human labour and enhance their quality of life.

Decreased Downtime

When you pick farm machinery, you are choosing a machine and its related tools that are suited for the task that must be done. A high-quality equipment can handle that workload without the need for unplanned maintenance or wasted work time. This means more money for you eventually.

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Do your homework before you begin shopping for agricultural equipment though to get the most cost-effectiveness. Determine what tasks might be done better or faster, and then acquire or replace your old equipment with a quality machine that accomplishes the work you need. Your agricultural equipment selection should constantly improve your production speed and efficiency, and hence your bottom line.

Farm Income Is Increased

Agricultural automation has also enabled small and large farms to make more money from what they produce. First, automation saves time, thereby eliminating the need to pay employees over longer periods of time. Second, agricultural yields are higher, resulting in increased revenue. Third, it raises the profile of farms and allows them to work on a larger scale when they may have previously worked on a small one.

So, What Is the Most Common Farm Machinery?

The tractor is the most widespread and well-known piece of farm machinery. Tractors are used to tow a wide range of farm machinery and equipment. The plough, power tiller, spike, drag and disc harrows, chisel plough, cultivator, spading machine, and rock picker are examples of farm machinery used for soil cultivation and are towed by a tractor in the field so they can execute their tasks. These devices remove stones and weeds from the area and prepare the soil in preparation for planting.

Who Knows What’s Next for Agricultural Machinery?

Agriculture has traditionally relied only on human and animal labour, necessitating many days of effort to plough and plant seedlings in the spring, tend to crop and livestock during the summer, and harvest crops in the fall. But, throughout the 20th century, mechanisation occurred throughout the farming industry, all around the world.

Farm mechanisation is the development and application of machines that can replace human and animal labour in agricultural activities. Agriculture automation throughout the 20th century resulted in significant improvements in how farmers plant, fertilise, and harvest crops. Combines, mowers, harvesters and other technology have allowed farmers to boost their output while using less labour. These benefits are not to be ignored and we can only expect more to come as technology continues to advance.

So, if you are a farmer or starting a new farm business and want to keep your farm updated with new technological advances and equipment, visit Bunyip Equipment for the latest and high-quality farm machinery at amazing prices with quick deliveries.

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