What Are The Top 6 Reasons Your Car Ac Leaks Water?

What Are The Top 6 Reasons Your Car Ac Leaks Water?
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Air conditioning is the most vital part of the car. It maintains the cool temperature in the car in hot weather. If you feel that your automobile is blowing out not cool air, it means time to take Perth Car Air Conditioning Service from the mechanic.

When you see water beneath the car or within the cabins close to the passenger seat, these are the main symptoms that verify your vehicle’s air conditioning needs maintenance. It happens due to some reasons.

Let’s dive in!

Top Six Reasons For Car AC Leakage

  • Check Blockage Of Condensate Drain Pipe

A condensate drain pipe allows the water to move out from the car for the effective functioning of AC. If it gets blocked, your vehicle is at high risk of damage. The water starts dripping inside your car instead of going out of it.

You will also find that the floor beneath the car frequently gets wet. It clarifies that the drain pipe is blocked; it needs to be cleaned.

How To Clean Drain Pipe?

Condensate drain pipe cleaning is an easy process and you can do it in these ways, which are:

  • Release the debris from the hose by squeezing or bending it.
  • Clean the hose by inserting the screwdriver.

While cleaning drain pipes, you should be careful because you may damage the ventilation system. In this situation, you can go for mechanics to remove the blockage from the condensate drain.

  • Wrong Wiring Connection

When water starts leaking inside your car, it means a wrong wiring connection is between the ventilation system and the condensate drain. In this scenario, the drain pipe is not working as intended.

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While checking the wiring connection, ensure that the condensate drain pipe is connected outside the car and placed rightly in the ventilation system.

  • Dirty Air Filters

Air filters will get blocked due to dirt and moisture. In this situation, the water starts to overflow from the drain pipe. To clean your car’s air filters, try to give it a time-to-time maintenance service for better or more efficient working.

Air conditioning maintenance of the car saves cost and time for you.

  • Low Levels Of Refrigerant

The refrigerant level of the car must be sufficient for the circulation of cool air. The car air conditioning system pressure gets low when the level of refrigerant gets low with time. Due to this, the evaporator coil gets frozen up, and the condensate drain pipe starts to overflow or leak.

Your car’s AC starts blowing out hot air instead of chill. In this situation, it requires more refrigerant levels for proper functioning. For the refilling of refrigerant, there is a need to go to a professional mechanic.

  • Condensate Drain Pipe Gets Broken

The condensate drain pipe of the car sometimes gets broken due to some reasons like strain and over usage. Sometimes due to car accidents, this situation can occur. It leads to the leakage of water from the car AC.

Check the damage and replace the drain pipe within time with the help of a professional mechanic.

  • Road Salt And Brine

During snow and ice storm weather, people should not drive their cars. People use salt or brine to melt ice on roads during winter. The sodium chloride deposits from the road combine with the water and cause damage to the automobile metal parts. In this way, your car’s air conditioning system will get damaged.

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I recommend washing your car immediately if you go through this situation; it helps protect your car AC from future problems.

Last Words!

It’s common; for the car AC to start leaking water because of the reasons I have mentioned above. But, with the help of professional mechanics like Auto Repair in Perth, you can stop its leakage.

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