What Does Locksmiths Do – Key Points to know

Locksmiths are skilled traders who install, replace, repair, and adjust residential, commercial, and automotive locks, and security gadgets. Locksmiths duplicate and fabricate locking keys, bypass locks after authorization, and change lock combinations. Their knowledge and skill in repairing and installing security locksets take them to serve in commercial, residential, and industrial establishments. It requires various degrees of physical security to safeguard them from unauthorized access.

People usually misunderstand that the job description of a locksmith is just to pick locks. Though, it is true that this is their re-known task, yet, they also perform several other jobs. We have listed down a few of the many things that a locksmith does. After reading this article you will clearly understand what does a locksmith do.

  1. An Auto Locksmith Service

Several locksmiths can give an auto locksmithing service to their customers. In this service, the locksmith opens your vehicle door if you have locked keys in your vehicle. Also, they can reprogram or program transponders and remote keys. Moreover, they can repair auto key fobs, or give a new key for the car.

  1. 24-Hour Emergency Services

A lot of locksmiths give 24-hour services if anyone has lost car or home keys, or needs to replace or change the lock, etc.

When a locksmith does lock installation in a building, he or she generally comes to be that building’s default locksmith. The reason for this is his or her understanding of the building’s locks. Several locksmiths retain additional key sets, on request, to attain quick entrance when required.

Moreover, they hold records of the kinds of locks installed in a building and of any other related information. For example connection with a safety system that requires a passcode entry when you unlock the gate.

  1. Moving Into A New Home
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Generally, people think that when they shift into a newly built house they don’t need to bother about security problems. But, if you’ve newly moved in, you don’t have any idea of the number of people that copied your keys. Furthermore, there is a high possibility that the manufacturer already has your house’s master key. Because during construction they used to get entry to your house at any time.

Besides, electrician, plumber, and flooring specialists drywall contractors might also require the entrance to your home at some point while construction. There are chances that they probably also have a duplicate of your building keys. When they finish off the construction phase of your building and you have moved in. You will have to work with a locksmith, to replace or rekey your locks.

  1. Upgrading Home Security

Over the last few years, the globe has gone through numerous technological progress and house security is one of them. Nowadays, you have several alternatives when it comes to your house’s entrance mechanism. Rather than having conventional locks, you can simply go for keyless access. It will make your house or any building even safer than ever.

With keyless entrance, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to have access to your place, whether your family is there or not. If you think that it’s time to update your house security, then your locksmith can make you look for the available choices. Lastly, you should go for a system that fits your preferences and needs.

  1. Cut All Kinds Of Keys

Cutting keys is another area of expertise for locksmiths. Who will want to get their keys cut by anyone other than a skilled, experienced, and professional locksmith?

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A locksmith gives service in which they will cut keys for any kind of lock such as garage gate lock, back door, cabinet, padlock, uPVC door, etc. Also, their work includes:

  • Keys by hand.
  • Key cutting by machine.
  • Safety keys.
  • Restricted keys.


It does not matter if it’s your business or home, getting locked out of your place can be extremely stressful and inconvenient. Hiring a trusted locksmith is all that you need at these times. They will provide you peace of mind when you are under stress.

Lastly, Just like the name signifies, locksmiths are skilled professionals who have been educated to work with locks and keys. They can change or replace locks, and make duplicate keys. Also, they can break a lock, with no damage to the doorway.


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