What does recovery from alcoholism look like?

What does recovery from alcoholism look like?

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In our addiction treatment clinic, we help our charges who struggle with the problem of their own addictions every day. Every day in the treatment of addiction, the so-called. aa therapy (also in the form of online therapy), we try to provide everyone with help and support on their way to sobriety.

 By implementing an individual addiction therapy program (including online therapy), we accompany our mentee in making more and more progress. This road is not easy and both sides definitely know it. Both the patient and the therapist implementing a joint treatment program, e.g. alcoholism.

What is the treatment of alcoholism?

At the very beginning of addiction therapy, the most important thing is to establish a therapeutic relationship – between the therapist and, for example, an “alcoholic”, which guarantees further successes in the therapy of a given person. Thanks to it, a patient affected by alcoholism opens up to therapy. First of all, he comes out of the destructive pattern of behavior into which his addiction, e.g. alcohol, threw him.

 With each passing day, he overcomes his weaknesses more and more vigorously, coming out of his addiction. He experiences positive personal feelings related to his recovery from his rehab (also in the form of online therapy). In seclusion, with calmness, understanding and, above all, in close cooperation with the addiction clinic, he gets out of the trap of addiction into which he fell. Until now, he could not get out of the world of illusion and destruction into the real world of his life.

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Therapy in the fight for a better tomorrow

It became possible only thanks to alcohol therapy, for example. Starting such work is often not easy and requires a lot of effort, especially from our patients. This shows how much addiction, including alcoholism in particular, can overwhelm a person and impose its destructive nature on him. 

Anxiety, fear, chaos, destruction with frequent experiences of hopelessness. Yes, these are the things with which patients (who are about to leave the status of e.g. “alcoholic” and become addicts at most) come to our addiction clinic seeking help (also asking for online therapy). Very often they mention after some time that it was their last resort and assumed that if it didn’t work out here, they wouldn’t try again. What would they have left? We’d better not get into this thread.


Fortunately, “one last time” turns out to be a good decision. First of all, thanks to starting the treatment (in rehab center like Cornerstone of Southern California) of their own addiction in our alcohol clinic (also in the form of online therapy), they see a number of positive possibilities for overcoming addiction (including, above all, alcohol addiction). They overcome shame, work on fear, know that they always have the support of a therapist who will never leave them and they can always turn to him for help (even when they do not have their therapy session). 

As a result of treating his addictions, further barriers are overcome and the patient is moving forward more and more vigorously in his therapy, e.g. alcohol. Every day in his rehab (also in online therapy), he sees more and more motivating factors to stay sober, to continue treating his destructive addictions. Over time, the components of alcohol withdrawal, for example, transform into everyday, normal, health-promoting rituals of behavior, in other words, into his life, free of, for example, alcoholism or other addiction.

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Online therapy

If any situation forces the therapeutic relationship to be unable to hold individual therapeutic sessions in our alcohol clinic (threatening to continue treatment, e.g. alcoholism), it is possible to hold the aforementioned online therapy sessions, thanks to which contact with the therapist is maintained and the patient is not knocked out of the so-called . therapeutic rhythm – treatment of e.g. alcohol dependence is not interrupted. 

The effectiveness of online therapy is exactly the same as therapy in the form of face-to-face meetings at our alcohol clinic. With the current state of technological possibilities, the therapist and the patient can easily carry out each point of the addiction treatment program, regardless of the distance. An important element of therapy (including online sessions) is the addict’s rebuilding of relationships with loved ones.


Gradually, they are made aware of the specificity of addiction and they are provided with current information about the possibilities they have so that they can live together normally and get rid of the cruel past they experienced … In order to overcome the full path to sobriety, the patient and the therapist in the addiction therapy center should undergo a full treatment program addiction (e.g. the so-called alcohol withdrawal) while maintaining full abstinence from all stimulants for a period of 12 months. 

Throughout this period of therapy (e.g. alcohol), the current situation is analyzed at each meeting and, if necessary, preventive measures are taken. After a year, it can be said that we actually dealt with the problem by ending rehab and made such a permanent and effective change in our lives that the likelihood of relapse is really minimal. After this period, however, you should not stop contacting the addiction clinic.

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Straight out

Periodically, less often, but definitely, it is recommended to meet the therapist at the center (or via online sessions) where he underwent his addiction therapy (so-called alcohol withdrawal, for example). This is aimed at ongoing monitoring of the patient’s life situation in terms of possible contact with stimulants (which are absolutely prohibited from the moment the therapy begins).

 All our charges know this very well and keep in touch with us all the time. This guarantees them a normal, nice and fun life free from any problems. Our acquaintance with them, after some time, transforms into a friendly relationship and generates many health-promoting and nice issues so much needed by each of us. Many of our patients say that they want to stay in constant contact with this quiet, but very nice and helpful place, which is our addiction therapy clinic.

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