What Does Shiply Do? Founding Team, Revenue Model of Shiply, and Many More

What Does Shiply Do? Founding Team, Revenue Model of Shiply, and Many More
What Does Shiply Do? Founding Team, Revenue Model of Shiply, and Many More
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‘Shiply’ is an online marketplace where shipping businesses compete for listed shipments, giving customers a significantly cheaper bargain on shipping their items across the UK. Using the maximum load capacity of haulers and lorries also allows transport companies to save money and time while gaining additional benefits. Here we are talking about What Does Shiply Do? Founding Team, Revenue Model of Shiply, and Many More.

Shiply – Company Highlights

Company NameShiply
HeadquarterHouston, Texas, United States
IndustryTransport Marketplace
FounderRobert Matthams

Shiply – About

The largest online marketplace for transport in the UK is called Shiply, and it connects customers transporting products with courier services traveling on similar routes. Users of the website can post items that need to be moved and receive competitive quotations from the site’s network of transport companies. Shiply’s members can reduce their transportation expenses by up to 75% by making their listings available to its 45,000 feedback-rated drivers.

Since its launch in 2008, Shiply has provided users with the means to plan the transportation of various commodities and automobiles. Services range from straightforward deliveries to specialized car movers. Thousands of clients have used Shiply to identify less expensive house and home removal providers, which has helped them cut the cost of moving. Shiply does more than schedule deliveries and pickups.

Additionally, Shiply has achieved major advances in these sectors by extending its reach overseas and providing services in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Shiply has grown throughout Europe and currently offers a useful home service in various nations. The service frequently assists users in finding drivers to send furniture and other items hundreds of kilometers across the EU, which has benefited clients who must arrange costly international shipping of products.

Shiply works to cut carbon emissions from wasteful, partially laden trips by matching users’ deliveries with trucks traveling along similar routes. The website has saved over 11,000,000 kg of CO2 and won accolades for its creativity from The Observer Ethical Awards and the Shell Springboard program.

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Shiply – Industry

The idea behind Shiply is to use any unused transportation capacity that can result from inefficient transport operations. As a result, transport service providers can supply transportation service requesters with marginal costs.

The people who request services set up accounts, list the things they want to be moved, select the most they’re willing to spend, and indicate if they’re flexible with delivery and pickup dates or only need the things moved within certain time constraints. The bids from the transport service providers were as low as they would go to supply the transport service. The capacity to frame their procurement is provided by the user feedback system, which tracks the reputation of the transport service requesters and the providers of transportation services.

Shiply – Founder and Team

The originator of “Shiply” is Manchester, United Kingdom native Robert Matthams, who is 25 years old. When thinking back to the incident that inspired him to launch his company, he remembered a day in college when he purchased a pool table, and the delivery guy informed him that the vehicle would return to the depot empty.

Robert Matthams
Image source: Crunchbase

Shiply – Startup Story

In 2008, the company’s founder, Robert, realized that the truck transporting a pool table to his student apartment in Manchester would be returning to London empty. This occurs frequently in logistics and not only wastes money, time, and CO2 emissions. Department of Transportation statistics show that more than 25% of vehicles are fully empty, and more than 50% are only partially loaded.

Matthams self-funded the original beginning costs, which came to £25,000. Six people are working for “Shiply” right now. Venture capitalists and angel investors are interested in getting involved as the business is expanding quickly. To escape contractual obligations, the entrepreneur would, however, much rather take out a loan from a bank.

A marketplace for shipping services that links clients and delivery firms was created called Shiply. We enable delivery businesses to make the most of available vehicle space (thus reducing harmful CO2 emissions). All the while offering customers the most competitive delivery price. Millions of people worldwide have used Shiply up to this point, yet it is still privately held.

Shiply introduced a widget for eBay that sellers can add to auction listings in March 2009. The ability to import products they have won or are currently bidding on into Shiply.com is now available to potential eBay bidders as part of the item listing process. After they enter their delivery postcode in the widget, Shiply integrates other crucial data into their listing. Shiply became eBay Motors UK’s transportation partner after the two parties struck an exclusive arrangement in January 2011. Users of eBay at the time accounted for 50% of its sales.

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Shiply – Mission and Vision

The goal is to discover the greatest deal for delivery services, provide a fair platform, and lessen CO2 emissions. With the help of Shiply, delivery companies may operate profitably and efficiently thanks to a transparent platform and features.

Shiply – Name, Tagline, and Logo


Shiply – Business Model

Shiply is a UK-based business that offers an online marketplace where people looking for transportation services may advertise the things they need to move, and businesses offering transportation services can bid in a reverse auction manner. The company’s business strategy is focused on receiving a commission for every successful transaction.

By charging a commission to the provider of the transport service on each successful transaction, Shiply generates revenue. The commission rate varies depending on the shipment’s value, although it normally ranges from 10% to 20%.

Both those who request transportation services and those who provide those services profit from Shiply’s business model. Requests for transport services gain from comparing prices from many transport service providers and selecting the best choice for their requirements. The ability to bid on tasks that are a good fit for their firm and access to a sizable customer base are advantages for those who supply transportation services.

Shiply – Revenue Model

“Shiply” has a commission-based revenue model. Customers can use the service for free. 9.9% of the total deal must be paid to “Shiply” by the registered transportation companies. Astonishingly, “Shiply” is growing between 10 and 20 percent monthly. The first year’s turnover was roughly £60,000, which was the break-even point.

  • At this time, Shiply’s yearly income is anticipated to be $3.5M.
  • $253,029 is the expected revenue per employee at Shiply.

Shiply – Products and Services

An online marketplace called Shiply links clients and delivery services. It links clients with shipping firms to assist with the shipping of fragile goods, autos, boats, pets, furniture, and other objects. It also provides moving services for homes.

Shiply – Funding and Investors

Through 10 funding rounds with 36 investors, Shiply and its rivals have raised approximately $71.9M.

Shiply – Employees

  • 14 people work for Shiply.
  • Last year, Shiply’s employment count increased by -7%.
Shiply - Employees
Image source: uollb.com

Shiply – Challenges Faced

Other online transportation services markets compete with Shiply, such as uShip and Freightquote.com. These marketplaces compete with Shiply and provide services comparable to Shiply’s. Shiply is susceptible to fraud, including bogus claims of damage and impostor transport service providers. Requesters of transport services, as well as Shiply itself, may suffer damages due to this.

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Shiply – Acquisitions

The Gara Group purchased Shiply LLC on January 1, 2019.

Shiply – Growth

In recent years, Shiply has expanded immensely. Approximately 1 million shipments have been completed with the assistance of the company’s over 130,000 registered transport service partners. Shiply’s revenue increased year over year by more than 50% in 2022.

Shiply – Partners

Shiply signed a contract with eBay Motors UK to become a transportation partner. The online transport marketplace Shiply and eBay Motors UK have an exclusive partnership to make Shiply the site’s transportation partner.

Shiply – Competitors

The biggest rivals of Shiply include Delivery Quote Compare, uShip Inc., and Parcel Monkey Ltd.

Shiply – Awards and Achievements

As a young company, “Shiply” has won many honorable awards. It received a $10,000 prize as the winner of the “BT Business Essence of the Entrepreneur” award. With a financial tip of £10,000, it also won Shell, the oil company. In 2009’s “Green Challenge,” sponsored by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, Shiply received the runner-up prize of EUR 100,000.

Shiply was the 2010 Dutch Postcode Lottery’s Green Challenge competition runner-up and received the Shell Springboard Climate Change Innovation Prize.

Shiply – Future Plan

Shiply.com was established in 2008 to connect customers who need to move goods with shipping companies already traveling there. More than 25% of trucks are completely devoid of goods, and more than 50% are barely partially loaded. Shiply.com significantly reduces CO2 emissions, boosts the profitability of transportation companies, and saves customers up to 75% by enabling them to utilize this available capacity. Shiply is an online marketplace for shipping things, much like eBay, which is for buying and selling goods online. Users just submit the products they need to move for free and without obligation, and they then obtain affordable offers from hundreds of transport firms with high customer satisfaction ratings.


What does Shiply do?

A company that offers an online marketplace to connect consumers who need their items moved with transportation services. Customers can get a significantly lower price on the transportation of their goods thanks to the company’s platform, which enables transport operators to bid on listed shipments.

When was Shiply founded?

In 2008, it was established.

Who is the founder of Shiply Corporation?

Robert Matthams started it.

Who is the CEO of Shiply Corporation?

Robert Matthams serves as Shiply’s CEO.

Who are the main competitors of Shiply?

The biggest rivals of Shiply include Delivery Quote Compare, uShip Inc., and Parcel Monkey Ltd.


While attending Manchester University, Robert developed the concept for Shiply.com. After speaking with the pool table’s delivery driver, he learned that haulage companies frequently travel between delivery routes with partially or empty cars. He created a marketplace where customers could post information about the goods they needed to be carried or delivered, and haulage companies could compete for the tasks that took them along comparable routes to the ones they currently took.

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