What Factors Influence the Cost of Outdoor Blinds?

How Much are Custom Window Blinds?

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There can be several reasons why people want to change their <a href="http://<a href="https://www.example.com/?NloWvy-01155c">.window treatment. On many occasions, the existing window treatment is not providing privacy, protection from extreme weather and sunlight, not saving energy and money, or simply the homeowners are bored with the current setting. So, they decide to install new outdoor blinds.

Influential Factors of Outdoor Blinds Cost

Sometimes, installing new window treatments can become expensive, disrupting the budget homeowners have set. So, window treatment experts have recommended looking into a few points mentioned below to know if the cost you have estimated will be enough or you might need to invest more.

How Will Be the Material Quality?

You might have noticed that some window treatment companies offer costs of blinds that are cheaper than others. Before jumping into concluding that inexpensive blinds are the best, you should know the quality of the material.

Size and Numbers of Windows

If you have five to six windows on your property, then the cost of outdoor window blinds will increase accordingly. Another point that property owners should remember is that the size of windows also matters. A large window in a commercial space might require two blinds to be joined together.


Operation Mechanism You Will Select

Home and commercial property owners have many choices for selecting the window blinds’ mechanism. The traditional method of opening and closing the blinds uses cords and ropes. This technique might cause issues like not getting the blinds open when it is raining or a storm outside. So, in this situation, the automated, remote-controlled, or timed outdoor patio blinds will work in the best way.

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Kind of Outdoor Blinds in Bunbury Selected

The choice of what type of outdoor blinds will also determine the cost you have to spend on installation. Each type of blinds includes Ziptrak, patio, straight drop, Alfresco, roof to fence, crank operated, and Café has different installation processes. So, the cost of installing will be different for every type.

Post-Purchase Services Provided by Company

Although all window treatment supplying companies provide post-purchase services that include repair, replacement, and maintenance, property owners have to ask the window treatment companies like Outdoor Blinds Southwest whether they will provide these services as the cost will increase or decrease.

Choice of Customized or Ready-made Blinds

It has been observed that things purchased in bulk cost less than others. But one thing you need to know before ordering blinds in bulk is the installation process; from the cutting to installing the blinds are done at the property. This might create a lot of mess. If you have selected customised, the team will come and install the blinds as cutting is done in the workshop.

How Much is the Shipment Fee?

Some companies add the shipment fee in the total amount you will pay; others charge it separately. On certain occasions, like the property’s location in another city, the cost of shipment to the other city might increase.

Does it Cost to Request a Quote?

The majority of window treatment companies visit the property to measure the window, determine the type and mechanism to be selected, and know the total cost of installation. Some companies provide an estimation for free. But others request a fee from the property owners.

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How Much the Labour Will Cost?

The cost of labour is also important to think about. Some companies charge their clients according to the hours spent on the installation; others will charge per day. Some experts suggest hiring companies per day as the hours might extend and your expenses could grow.

Will Special Material Be Used for Blinds?

The most popular material types for specialty outdoor blinds include waterproof, water-resistant, and water repellent. These three materials are the best for windows in houses located in areas where rain is more than in other cities.

Outside or Inside Mount Window Blinds

Property owners also choose to mount outdoor blinds from the inside or on the outer side. The measurement for the inside mount blind has to be exact, but you can add an extra inch on either side when you have selected the outside mount.

These are the vital factors you should consider that might affect the cost of different outdoor blinds.

Below are three questions that will help you understand how to measure extra blinds left on either side of the blinds and what to do with large windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure for blinds?

For simple square and rectangle windows, the structure should be divided into three sections in terms of height and width. Each section is measured to calculate the width and height so that the outdoor blinds are the same from top to bottom.

How much space do you need on each side of the blinds?

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Window treatment experts have recommended measuring one and a half to two and a half inches more than the actual size of the window. This is because trimming extra material is easy, but you can’t add; if the measurement is shorter.

Can you put two blinds one window?

Yes, this technique can be used for extra-large windows. Sometimes installation companies join the two blinds by adding zips between them. In this way, you can cover the whole window and open the side you require.