What Is a Mechanical Press Machine?

This post was most recently updated on January 25th, 2023

There are many differences between a Mechanical Press Machine and a traditional hammer and die set. These machines are similar, but have different components and can be costly or inexpensive depending on the features they have to offer. Mechanical presses use various components such as drives, flywheels, clutches, breaks, and shafts. There are several different types of drives, including press drives, shaft drives, knuckle joints, linkages, and eccentric or crank drives.

Single-geared press

The Single-geared mechanical press machine is a common type of cran press. Its ram and eccentric are connected by a connecting rod. The eccentric revolves as the drive shaft turns and the offset between the eccentric center and the center of the drive shaft provides movement. It is suitable for a variety of applications, such as coining, squeezing, and extruding. Its disadvantage is that it has a short stroke.

Eccentric shaft

An eccentric shaft mechanical press machine is one that utilizes an eccentric shaft to exert pressure. The eccentric shaft is supported by a flywheel. Its angular velocity is adjusted during each press cycle. It has a fast work sequence and a favorable force-displacement curve. This makes it a highly efficient machine for fast bending of sheet metal. Eccentric shaft mechanical presses are available in a variety of sizes.

Single-piece H frame

The benefits of an H-frame mechanical press machine are many. They are easy to operate, have smooth transitions, and are relatively inexpensive. They are especially beneficial when the pressure required is high. C-frame presses take up minimal floor space and are easy to use, although they don’t work well on larger parts and may not be as effective. Single-piece H-frame presses can be used for smaller parts. Read also: Walker Handsets

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Two-hand trips

When operating a mechanical press machine, it is important to use two-hand trips to ensure operator safety. Two-hand trips require operators to apply consistent pressure on both trigger buttons, away from the point of operation. Two-hand trips are required for full-revolution clutch power presses. To be considered two-hand trips, the machine must be located within a safe distance.

Pre-pressing stage

There are two types of pre-pressing stages in mechanical press machines. Hard pre-press and semi-hard pre-press. A hard press uses stainless steel components, while a semi-hard one utilizes plastic or rubber materials. Both types of press machines use pneumatic or mechanical systems and may have additional rigging and other features. The press frame can be custom designed, and engineers have virtually endless design options.

Improved control method

A mechanical press is a common type of industrial machinery with a single or dual motor. The primary motor controls the speed and position of the ram. The auxiliary motor controls the speed and position of the press shaft. The press cycle is completed when the top dead center of the machine is passed for the second time. The improved control method for mechanical presses is a common speed control system that operates both motors at the same time.

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