What is a Position Paper and How To Write It?

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This post was most recently updated on May 30th, 2022

The position paper is equal to a debate in which the debater must choose his position and defend it in front of the public to convince him. It is also essential to have a good basic knowledge of the information and format of the position paper to achieve the goal. In this article, we will share all the essential details and some tips and tricks you need to know before you try to write a position paper.

What is a Position Paper?

A position paper is a form of essay that presents an aspect of a controversial issue or opinion. Usually, the author writes his point of view, and the goal is to convince the reader that your argument is defensible.

What Is the Purpose of the Position Paper?

The opinion represents the author’s opinion or another person on the problem. Position papers can use in science, law, politics, and other fields to convince readers that the ideas presented are worth listening to. The writer’s job is to choose the part of the argument and argue in favor of your position. Use facts, statistics, opinions, and other forms of evidence to support your claim. Large organizations often use position papers to publish their views and recommendations to companies.

The structure of the paper position varies from the most straightforward layout to the most complex; You can choose the one that suits your needs. An example of a position document could be a letter to an editor requiring a simple position document template. Another type of position paper is an academic document and a research position paper, which need a comprehensive position document layout. To design a well-constructed position paper, you must first gather information about your position paper and then sketch an argument.

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Position Paper Structure

When writing a position paper, it is essential to follow the structure to maintain the document’s authenticity. Make sure you follow the design of these steps to create a unique role in the position.

Choose a Topic

The opinion revolves around the topic you are standing on and should be supported by research. So don’t forget to explore a few issues and choose the ones you feel most confident about. Sometimes a position paper may not reflect your beliefs because the subject should be as good as you can argue. In a position paper, the topic or topic is not as important as the writer’s ability to make a strong argument. The problem can be complex or straightforward, but the idea you present should be logical and correct.

Do Some Research

It is essential to conduct a preliminary survey to ensure you have sufficient evidence to support your position. It is not good to get involved in a topic that may not have enough statistics to keep it. Search various education and government websites to find statistics and studies relevant to your business. If you feel that there is not enough information to have a strong argument during the research, choose another topic or look to pay someone to do wgu homework. It may seem frustrating, but it can save you a lot of disappointment.

Challenge Your Subject

You need to know the counterargument and your personal opinion on the topic. Take the time to outline all the challenges you may face in supporting your vision. The point of view must also state the counterargument and respond to it with counter-evidence. During your research, you will find various arguments for the other side of the argument; you need to include them in your position and clarify why you think they are not good.

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Keep Looking for Supporting Evidence

Once you analyze both sides and know that your position is more robust, you are ready to start research. Visit the libraries for relevant information, and use valid data. Make sure the articles you use are from suitable sources. Try to collect data from different sources and include it in their credibility. If it is, for example, an expert opinion (lawyer, doctor, [professor, etc.), state it. If it is a personal experience of a friend or family member, tell him to give the quarrel an emotional appeal. The motive for these statements is to support your position on paper and provide depth to your perspective.

Sketch the Position Paper

Once you have completed your research, it is time to move on to the most critical aspect of the position paper: creating a sketch. We will discuss each relevant step in detail.

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How Can You Write a Position Paper?

A position document is also known as a position statement document because it defines the position against the argument.

So, if you are interested in how to write a position statement on paper, stay tuned. The position paper has an introduction, main paragraphs with arguments and counterarguments, and a conclusion. The position paper is usually a page of a document, So the introduction, body, and judgment must be written effectively to provide your idea immediately.


The introductory position paper is an essential part of your essay that identifies the problem and formulates a dissertation statement in your writing. An engaging introduction to an introduction that grabs a reader’s attention who wants to read more. The introduction should state the topic of your thesis and end with a dissertation statement describing your position on the issue. 

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It is the core of your essay and consists of at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph will contain the central argument or opinion to clarify your position on the issue. These sections will have citations, evidence, facts, and interviews supporting the expressed views. You can illustrate the opposing idea, refute the claim, and state why your position is valid. 

If you face any issue with position paper homework then you can pay someone to do my WGU college homework. Tons of positional paper patterns are available online;  Make sure you include at least three ideas in favor of your vision, with at least two pieces of information to support them. In addition, at least one counterargument needs to be added that has evidence to support it. Finally, you should also publish at least one piece of information that refutes the counterargument.


In this section, the position re-emphasizes your crucial argument. Don’t change ideas or reformulate information; instead, emphasize the importance of your prospects. You can also suggest a solution to the problem discussed in the position paper.