What is a QR menu for restaurants: advantages and functions of an online menu

image source : Convenience Store News
image source : Convenience Store News

Let’s be honest: no matter who you are with, no matter what establishment you go to, your phone is either in your hand or in your pocket within easy reach. And if earlier people in establishments asked for a menu, now they are looking for that magical pixel square to which they will bring their phone, receive all the most important information, and avoid unnecessary conversations.

After all, every year, technology penetrates more and more into our daily lives, making changes in various areas of activity. QR codes for menus in restaurants and cafes are becoming one such innovation that is becoming increasingly popular and changing the way we order food and get acquainted with the list of dishes and drinks.

What is a QR menu?

QR menu is a modern approach to presenting information about available dishes and drinks in catering establishments. Instead of traditional paper menus, guests can use their smartphone to scan a QR code, a unique matrix code that redirects to an encoded website.

Using the link, guests of the establishment can familiarize themselves with the menu, sometimes also order dishes, leave a review, and even pay. Most often, restaurants with electronic menus place codes on stickers on each table or make special plates with the code.

We are recommended to make a menu with qr code by using OddMenu service. Why? It is very simple and easy. You will have an accessible and, most importantly, attractive design so that your visitors can feel surrounded by beauty.

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The main advantages of the QR menu

QR menus are no longer just a technological trend, although this is a truth that cannot be hidden. However, there are many answers to the question “What is the advantage of a contactless QR menu?” on both sides of its use: both for establishments and for customers.

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Benefits for restaurants

You might be surprised, but QR menus can not only reduce certain types of costs but also generate more revenue than regular menus. The experience of the last 3 years shows really cool results of QR codes for menus:

  • Lower costs and more flexibility. First, you can no longer spend money on printing menus. At the same time, you get very easy access to menu correction. Seasonal offerings, slight changes to ingredients, or one or two dishes that you want to add to the menu are no longer a problem. You add, remove, and change all this electronically without having to reprint an entire batch of menus.
  • Increase in average check. Customers spend more when they order digitally. An establishment can increase the average order value by as much as 30% using an online menu. By ordering from a digital menu, customers don’t feel pressured to make a quick decision and find it more enjoyable and easier to add more menu items to their order.
  • “The system is as follows: the guest selects a pizza and clicks on it – the service recommends additional toppings or sauce for the order. On printed menus, dishes and sauces are usually on different pages. In addition, a person may not think about applications at all, but when they are offered to him, he decides to try”.
  • Speeding up service. Instead of your customers sitting around waiting to get the waiter’s attention, they can instantly scan the menu with a QR code as soon as they sit down at the table. They can even order while waiting for a table to become available. This speeds up the work a lot.
  • Design, food photos, and important details. The digital menu allows you to make cool designs that are not limited by 2D printing. Additionally, you can add photos of the food and any details, such as ingredient descriptions or nutritional values. Because people choose with their eyes, such nuances can motivate people to order more and make their experience more enjoyable.
  • “One of our values ​​is aesthetics. We care about the interior, the dishes, and the type of food on the guest’s plate. But without a photo, it is almost impossible to show the serving of dishes. We want the guest to immediately see what his food will look like. The QR menu quickly implements the first contact with the dish. The designer and I also conducted an experiment and saw that dishes with brighter photos are ordered more often. It is also a quality tool for sales management,”.
  • Collection of reviews and analytics. Expanded QR menus offer the option of reviews for dishes or services. This way, you can collect honest feedback, which people are often afraid to give to the waiter in person, and correct errors in the service in a timely manner. QR menus can also provide restaurants with valuable analytics. Using applications or services that generate QR codes, a restaurant can track data on the popularity of various dishes, order times, customer orders, and more.
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Convenience for visitors

For visitors, QR menus are no less convenient than for establishments. Introverts are generally delighted here because the QR menu minimizes the need to communicate with strangers. However, this is far from the main advantage for customers.

Quick access to information and its detailing. With the QR menu, customers can instantly access the full list of dishes, descriptions, prices, special offers, and other details. They can browse the menu on their own without having to wait for the waiter or ask him for the desired information. Yes, and you can get more information here about the same allergens or nutritional value.

Reduced waiting time. Ordering through a QR menu allows customers to avoid long waits for the waiter to order dishes. They may choose, order, and submit their order immediately from their smartphone or tablet, which speeds up the servicing procedure. 

There is no pressure to choose. Customers can calmly look at the menu without haste, flipping through the pages as many times as is convenient for them. They can study dishes, look at photos, and choose the most attractive options.

Pleasant customer experience. An aesthetic menu makes the entire experience more enjoyable. Beautiful design, beautiful photos of dishes – these seem to be little things, but they provide some of the pleasant emotions. However, customers definitely don’t get a tattered paper menu, which could ruin the experience.

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How does a QR menu work?

So, let’s go through the procedure for using the QR menu again. Before you think about how to create a QR code for your establishment, take a look at the online menu. Creating an online menu is the first step because your code should redirect visitors exactly to the page/website with a list of dishes or services of your establishment. 

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