What is Included in Vacate Cleaning?

Vacate Cleaning
What is Included in Vacate Cleaning?
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Are you shifting to a new house? Moving to a new house is stressful, and if you are a tenant, you must clean every nook of the house to get your bond back. Tenants usually feel stressed at the end of the lease period because they must have to return the property in a good condition. Secondly, apart from vacate cleaning the property, many things need to be done before moving out. 

At that time, hiring a professional vacate cleaning Perth team is the best solution. They will thoroughly clean your property and guarantee you that the landlord will return your bond. They will make your home look clean and hygienic. Professional domestic cleaners know how to deal with any specific area. Moreover, They use high-quality eco-friendly products and equipment for cleaning. 

If your walls or any nook of the house is dirty, never expect that you will get your 100% bond back. So, it is better to hire professional domestic or vacate cleaners for your property cleaning. In contrast, they always clean the property according to their professional end of lease cleaning checklist. Significantly these cleaning shall take place at the best.

What is the meaning of the end of lease cleaning, and how is it different from bond cleaning?

The term “end of lease” means the agreement between the tenant and the property owner. It is in order to  In this agreement, the tenant promises that he will return the property in its original condition. Moreover, subsequently, at the end of the lease period, the owner of the property pays the bond money according to the condition of the property. You can get affordable rates since these are cost-effective.

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The bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning are the same terms. When someone starts renting a property, they pay a bond deposit to the property owner or real estate agent. Firstly, this amount of money is only returned when the tenant decides to move out of the house therefore when its lease period comes to an end. 

There is a rule that tenants must have to return the property in its original condition to get the bond deposit back. Although, there is no harm to get it before the property owner or real estate agent comes for the final inspection. If they don’t get the property thoroughly clean or in a good condition, In addition, they don’t give their bond deposit back. 

General Checklist of Vacate Cleaning

Here is the general checklist of professional domestic cleaners. When you hire professional cleaners, they do cleaning according to the checklist: 

  • Remove all the cobweb
  • Cleaning all the spots from walls, doors, and architraves
  • Wipeout dust from skirting boards
  • Cleaning all the spots from windows, mirrors, light fixtures, and fans
  • Cleaning inside and outside of all the cabinets or furniture
  • Thorough cleaning of kitchen, including stove, oven, cabinets, sinks, or shelves
  • Deep cleaning of bathroom, including removing layers of grease from the toilet, sink, or bathtub
  • Vacuuming and mopping all the floors
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing the hard floors
  • Deep cleaning of windows
  • Carpet cleaning

Things Covered in the vacate Cleaning

Here is a brief note on the things that include in the vacate cleaning: 

Normal Property Cleaning

In this cleaning process, the professional domestic cleaners in Perth remove all the cobwebs and spots from the walls, mirrors, or windows, and clean all the light fittings, skirting boards, and switches. They also clean inside and outside of the cupboards or drawers. Cleaning carpets or floors are also included in it. 

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Kitchen Cleaning

End of the lease domestic cleaners will remove all the stains from the knobs and stovetop. They use chemical-free disinfectant to thoroughly clean your sink and drain holes. They will remove all the layers of grease from the oven or tray. Secondly, Deep cleaning of all the kitchen appliances is also included in it. 

Bathroom Cleaning

Consequently, Bathrooms are probably considered the dirty space of the home. That’s the reason, bathrooms need a thorough and deep cleaning done by professionals. Experienced and well-trained end of lease cleaners will thoroughly clean your bathroom, including cleaning exhaust fans, windows, floors, tiles, and mirrors. They will remove all the layers of grease from the toilet seat and clean the tap. 

Cleaning the Rooms and Outdoor Space

End of lease cleaning also includes a deep cleaning of all the rooms and all outdoor space. They will clean all the wardrobes, wipe out dust from doors and windows, remove dust from fans, wipe outside of air conditioning units, and vacuum or mop the floors. Professional domestic cleaning will clean all the debris in the pool, clean all the leaves from the garden, empty the bins, and sweep the external areas.

Last Words

If you want to get your 100% bond deposit back and turn the property into its original condition to impress the landlord or real estate agent, hiring professional vacate cleaners or domestic cleaners is the best option. End of lease cleaners always cleans the property according to the provided checklist to achieve high-quality and outstanding results.

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