What is KN Car Brand? Everything About KIA New Logo


In January 2021, the Kia car brand changed its logo. The previous logo, which was in place in 1994, was changed into a more stylish and meaningful logo.

“KN” is now officially the new logo of all Kia cars. In turn, this confused car owners and Kia fans in an unprecedented way.

As a result of this change in the logo of Kia, more than 30,000 people Googled “KN Car Brand.”

The new logo of the Kia car brand is so confusing and intriguing for customers that thousands of people are searching for the terms like “Kia Car New Logo” and “What is KN Car Brand” etc.

Given this massive traffic, expert analyst, Ed Kim argues that the new logo of Kia “is doing its job.”

Because so many customers are searching for it, the job of the new Kia logo – a more specialized KN Car Brand – is working fine for the car manufacturer, suggests Ed Kim.

Furthermore, Ed argues that it is no more the concern of customers whether or not the new Kia logo is worth it.

The fact that such a massive number of people are searching for “KN Car Brand” is enough for the new logo of Kia.

Essentially, the logo is more stylish and aims at hinting at the transformation of the Kia brand over the years.

It is essential to note here that Kia has been around since the 1940s. Initially, the car brand was owned by the South Korean auto giant, Hyundai Motor Group.

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Moving forward, the brand got wide popularity in early 2000. In 2010, the combined sales of Kia and Hyundai cars went up by 61%.

Thus, this added to the popularity of the brand. According to the latest stats, Kia sold 1.5 million cars in the United States last year.

Thus, the new logo of the Kia car brand – KN – denotes the decades-long transformation of the South Korean car giant.

The objective of the new logo of the Kia car brand is to make it more stylish, to encompass the history of Kia’s history, and to depict it in a more encompassing way.

Here is everything you need to know about the KN car brand:

What is KN Car Brand?

So, the question remains: What is the KN car brand? As mentioned earlier, KN Car Brand is a ‘new branding’ of Kia. That is right!

Nothing has changed essentially. The only thing that is creating massive confusion is the new logo of the Kia car brand.

Previously, Kia was using the old “KIA” logo – which was easy to read, relate to, and understand. But in January 2021, the brand decided to change its logo from “KIA” to “KN.”

Driven by the grand objective of the stylish depiction of Kia’s transformation, the new logo “KN” was introduced.

But people are confused by the new logo of KIA that reads KN. At least, 30,000 people are searching for the “KN Car Brand” every month since the debut of the new logo.

However, not all the feedback is in favor of the new logo, KN. “This logo (KN) is unreadable,” said a Twitter user on the social media platform.

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The top comments resonated with the Twitter thread saying that the new logo of KIA – KN – is unrelatable.

Another user said that he saw the “KN” logo on a car and ended up googling it. Others, however, argue that the new logo of Kia is “unique” since there are no other car brands called “KN.”

Whatever users have to say, the new logo is doing its job, as highlighted by Ed Kim. The new logo has driven a massive search on Google since its debut. And it is only adding to the popularity of the brand.

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Is KN Car Brand Kia?

The confusion is that most customers can not identify whether KN car brand is a new car manufacturer. Well, if you are confused, the KN car brand is not a new brand.

It is Kia. The cars are the same. The company is the same. However, the only thing that is changed is the logo.

Previously, the logo of the Kia car brand was “KIA.” It has been around since the 1940s. That is why people have imprinted the logo in their minds. It is readable and easy to remember.

In January 2021, however, the car manufacturer changed its logo from KIA to “KN.” Thus, KN Car Brand and Kia are the same. The only thing that has changed is the logo.

What Vehicles Have a “KN” Logo?

Kia. The new logo of the Kia car brand is now “KN.” That is right! The new Kia cars will now have the new logo “KN.” Do not get confused. The brand is the same and so are the cars. However, the only thing that has changed is the logo.

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Kia cars that previously had the “KIA” logo will now be changed to “KN.” Effective January 2021, all Kia cars will have the “KN” logo.

So, the next time when you see a vehicle that has a “KN” logo on it, do not get confused. It is a Kia car with a new logo on it.

Difficult to read and remember? Do not worry. It will take some time to make your familiarity with the new logo of Kia. Eventually, all of us will get used to it.

Of course, it is a sensible idea to appreciate the transformation of the Kia car brand throughout the years.

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