What is Medication Addiction?

Medication Addiction
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When you start to look at the facts, it is astonishing how many people suffer from a medication addiction. This can occur when a person is given a type of medication for any number of reasons. It can be for pain, to help with anxiety, or to help them sleep. When a doctor prescribes such medications, there is a given dose and often a specific time frame for the use of those drugs.

What often occurs is that a person will start to take more than they were prescribed. They may take two pills at once instead of only one pill according to the actual prescribed dose, and this practice gradually leads to medication addiction. They may take pills throughout the day instead of as they are directed. As a result of this, a serious case of medication addiction can occur. Many people feel that they need more to get rid of the pain or even to alleviate their level of anxiety.

The problem is that the majority of these individuals do not discuss it with their doctor. Instead, they end up self-medicating, and that is where the problem starts. From there, the quest is to get their hands on the amount of medication that they need. It can be a variety of different forms of medication or just the one that they were previously prescribed.

People will go to amazing lengths to get these medications and to avoid being caught. They can go to various doctors all over to get the same prescription from many of them. Most of the time, people will pay a higher price to get them from the black market. Then they do not have to give their name or personal information. They can also slip under the radar easier.

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Medication addiction is very serious because a person will find that they need to consume more and more of it in order to be able to get the same level of comfort that they did before. As a result, they can get to the point where they overdose on the medications. This is often where their family and medical professionals get wind that there is a serious problem that needs to be resolved at hand.

Medication addiction also can result in permanent damage to the central nervous system, memory capabilities, the liver, and kidneys. It can take long-term treatment for a person to be able to break this type of addiction. Many people are embarrassed by it and have low self-esteem due to their actions. Part of a successful treatment program involves counseling for them to discover how they feel and why they took part in this type of addictive behavior.

There is a terrific 12-step program out there that is important for recovering addicts to follow for the optimal recovery process. It will offer them the long-term support that they need in order to help prevent a relapse. It is also important for the addiction to be noted in medical records. That way prescribing highly addictive medications in the future can be avoided.

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