What Is Particle Board And 5 Top Industries It Is Used In?

Particle board is a unique material that can be used in many different industries and applications. It’s lightweight yet durable, cost-effective, and readily available – making it an excellent choice for numerous projects here in Australia. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what particle board is as well as the five top industries where it is most commonly used.

We’ll analyse how these businesses have leveraged the properties of particle boards to provide incomparable products and services around the country. So if you’re looking for an answer to the question: What is particle board and 5 top industries it is used in? Then read on- you’ve come to just the right place!

What Is A Particle Board?

Particle board is becoming increasingly popular for use in Melbourne, and for good reason! Particle board (also known as chipboard or man-made timber) is a type of plywood manufactured with little pieces of wood and glue that is combined to form a material that is lightweight yet strong.

It’s versatile, cost-effective and simple to work with, which means it’s great for all kinds of projects from building furniture to construction materials. Plywood distributors across the city are well aware of these benefits and stock quality particle boards at reasonable rates, allowing both amateur and professional enthusiasts access to an affordable product.

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Top Industries That Use Particle Board: Furniture Industry

The furniture industry is one of the top industries that make use of particle board in Melbourne. Particle board is a manufactured wood alternative, made up of wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings bonded together by resin adhesives and pressed into various sizes and shapes. It is strong yet light-weight, making it an ideal material for furniture construction. For cost-effective prices, many furniture manufacturers purchase particle board from plywood distributors.

Not only does the affordability factor make it a popular choice for many business owners, but the versatility of this material makes it extremely versatile for constructions like wardrobes, dining tables and chairs or shelves. This multi-purpose material can add vibrancy to any living space or office area as well, resulting in stylish and durable end products.

Top Industries That Use Particle Board: Flooring

Particle board is a great building material for countless applications throughout the home, and one of the most common uses is flooring. Commonly found in Melbourne, particle board consists of various wood particles and sawdust mixed with sticking substances like resin or wax. It’s an easy-to-install material that gives you the ability to have beautiful floors in no time; so it’s no wonder why this versatile product makes its way into some of the top industries around.

If you’re planning on using particle board for your next flooring project, be sure to consult your local plywood distributors to get the best advice and highest quality material available. With their help, you can create beautiful and long lasting floors that will remain standing for years to come.

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Top Industries That Use Particle Board: False Ceilings

Particle board is an essential material used in false ceilings. It is a type of fibreboard made from wood particles instead of wood fibres, and when used in a ceiling it adds support, insulation, and absorbs sound. In Melbourne, installing particle board as part of a false ceiling can provide an interesting aesthetic and make your space look bigger.

Plywood distributors such as are perfect for sourcing particle board to complete the task – they provide top-notch products that are excellent for creating the false ceiling look you desire. Plus with their experienced team on hand to advise and guide you, getting the right product for your needs has never been easier!

Top Industries That Use Particle Board: Partitioning Or Wall Paneling

Particle board in Melbourne is commonly found in many of today’s top industries, especially as a material for partitioning or wall paneling. From commercial establishments to residential homes, particle board has earned its place in the modern world by being both cost-efficient and durable. Individuals interested in using particle board can contact one of the many plywood distributors scattered across Melbourne, who provide not only high-quality wood but excellent customer service.

Such distributors ensure that customers get the best possible product they can and give helpful advice on how to care for it correctly. Hence, if one wishes to use particle wood for home partitioning or wall paneling, they must look no further than their local plywood distributor.

Top Industries That Use Particle Board: Core Material For Doors

Using particle board as a core material for doors has been gaining popularity in a number of industries. Plywood distributors are using the material to provide durable and affordable doors ideal for businesses ranging from storage units to retail shops. Particle boards can be made with medium-density fiberboard, wood particles, laminated boards, and more to provide a strong and effective product for various uses.

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They are able to offer solutions for many operations that need efficient and cost-effective door solutions without compromising on quality or performance. The versatility of particle board makes it ideal for manufacturing sectors, hospitals, educational buildings, hotels, etc. It is no wonder it is becoming an increasingly important part of construction and business development worldwide.

Top Industries That Use Particle Board: Commercial Industry

The commercial industry is one of the top industries using particle board sheets in Melbourne. Particle board, also known as chipboard, has grown immensely in popularity amongst commercial businesses due to its cost-effective and lightweight properties. Compared to other boards, particle board sheets offer good strength and stability, making them an ideal choice for areas requiring shelving, cabinets or furniture components.

Additionally, particle board is resistant to moisture damage and can be cut and drilled according to the specific needs of a project. This versatility makes particle board the perfect material for a variety of purposes within the commercial industry including restaurants, retail stores, offices and warehouses.


Particle board is a manufactured wood product that is made from small wood particles and glue. It is generally cheaper and less strong than other types of wood products, making it a popular choice for use in furniture, construction, and other industries. 

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