What is PRF, and What Is It Used For?

What is PRF, and What Is It Used For?
What is PRF, and What Is It Used For?

Platelet-rich fibrin, often referred to as PRF, is a fibrin matrix and the newest treatment using platelet concentrate. This matrix comprises platelet cytokines along with growth factors and cells that function to stimulate the rejuvenation of the skin. It helps with the healing of wounds and promotes hair growth.

How is PRF Used?

A board-certified PA or other medical professional injects PRF into the skin to improve the face’s appearance. Using PRF from the client, this individual can restore the client’s youthful appearance. The PRF doesn’t stop there, however. It continues to work in the body, stimulating new collagen production. Clients find they need a series of injections to see the full results. In addition, many people choose to use PRF together with hyaluronic acid filler to achieve better results.

How is PRF Created?

The medical professional draws a small amount of blood and places it in a PRF centrifuge. The PRF is then spun in the centrifuge to hold certain components of the blood together while extracting the fibrin matrix. The white blood cells, stem cells, plasma, and platelets remain together throughout this process thanks to the low speed of the centrifuge.

How Does PRF Work?

PRF works by using the natural platelets in the body. The platelets tell the body to create new collagen. As this collagen is produced, the skin becomes tight, smooth, and toned. This also works for hair loss, using the client’s own blood plasma to stimulate growth factors in the areas of hair loss.

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When Should PRF Be Used?

Individuals who want a natural way to promote the development of collagen should ask about PRF. The same holds for those who wish to regrow thinning hair without the use of manmade products. In addition, PRF is ideal for use as an undereye filler, to fill hollow areas, and to minimize the appearance of dark circles.

How is PRF Administered?

When the medical professional administers PRF, they use a syringe to inject it into the desired area. Often, these professionals combine PRF with micro-needling. The needles inject the serum into the skin.

The Benefits of PRF

People often wonder why they should choose PRF over PRP. PRF requires less blood to achieve similar results. In addition to requiring more blood, PRP offers a higher platelet concentration. Patients receive more white blood cells and stem cells when compared to PRP treatments. The PRF also contains more healing factors.

These healing factors allow for increased collagen regeneration to reverse signs of aging. The PRF releases at a slower rate, so the patient sees the benefits over a longer period. Fewer treatments are needed as a result.

When a practitioner injects PRF into the body alongside dermal filler, the body is better able to heal itself naturally. It produces more collagen, allowing the skin to look tight, toned, and smooth. Wrinkles and fine lines become less noticeable, and scars decrease in visibility.

PRF Treatments

PRF has been found to benefit numerous individuals. Medical and dental professionals use it in a variety of treatments. Ask the practitioner if it would be beneficial for deflated cheeks or sports injuries. Hair restoration is another use for PRF. Loose skin and dark under-eye circles respond well to this treatment. Dentists also use PRF for dental implants.

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No Side Effects

As PRF treatments are non-invasive, clients don’t need to worry about side effects. Practitioners don’t add anything to the PRF, so no clot will form under the skin. As the PRF comes from the client’s body, adverse reactions are minimized.

A person might feel mild pain at the injection site. Some patients experience soreness and swelling in the area, while mild bruising is also something to prepare for. Ice and topical anesthetic are usually enough to address these issues.

Discuss all possible side effects with the doctor so there are no surprises when the treatment is complete. Most people find they can benefit from PRF treatments. However, certain people should talk with their medical professional before moving forward with a procedure. This includes people who take anti-clotting medications and those who have low or abnormal platelets.

PRF is an option many people should consider. However, choose a medical spa to have these treatments done. This ensures the highest safety of the procedure and higher odds of attaining the desired outcome.

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