What is the purpose of the material?

Sleeve gastrectomy, which is one of the most practiced bariatric surgery types among the surgical procedures, is the tube procedure for the surgical procedure. During the pipe-like resection of the material, the material is released into the pipe form in order to approximate the gas system and reduce the material. In this way, food is reduced and less food is available.

The pipe-like resorption of the material is removed at once, and a large share of the material is released into the pipe form. At the time of Əməliyyat, every item is placed in an additional tool.

Statistically, the amount of purification reported for this procedure ranges from 70 to 95 percent of the surplus; Better results are obtained by properly complying with the rules of conduct and behavior. With the right choice of food and the right food supply, those who have gone through the reduction surgery will enjoy getting the ideal shot.

What Is Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Bariatric surgery operation is the operation performed under general anesthesia.

In order not to give way to the coffee at the time of death and to prevent the material from being too small, a calibrated tube is inserted at the entrance of the esophagus together with the diameter of the esophagus. Thanks to this calibrating tube, some of the esophagus is reduced, and the residual stenosis and obstruction are faced and mədə kiçiltmə.

After taking the measures related to vascularization and bleeding, the material is cut with special cutters and ligation tools.

After the procedure has been completed, the calibration tube placed at the beginning of the operation is removed.

One or a few different techniques are used to detect death time leaks. Similar tests can also be done after surgery.

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