What is touch typing? Benefits of improving your typing speed

What is touch typing? Benefits of improving your typing speed
What is touch typing? Benefits of improving your typing speed
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The world is rapidly evolving as a result of cutting-edge technology. Computer literacy is now more critical than ever. Touch typing has grown in popularity among employees and potential candidates as a desirable skill. Touch typing opens up a wide range of professional opportunities. Because of this and other benefits, learning to type is essential. English Typing Speed Tests are usually helpful in knowing your typing speed and accuracy. 

What is touch typing?

When a person can use all of his fingers for typing without even looking at the keyboard, it is called touch typing.

Companies prefer an employee with this skill as he can quickly create or change given documents. In addition to speed, a touch typing person ensures more accuracy in writing works. Touch typing helps create an ideal work environment for employees, and time is also easily manageable for other activities.

Almost every sector can benefit from touch typing expertise in times of advanced technology.

First of all, touch typing is more pleasant when using a computer. Also, it improves communication between coworkers and clients. Finally, it enhances document accuracy. Even individuals can add to their expertise by learning touch typing.

When you shift from two-finger typing to touch typing, you increase your speed in terms of productivity. Using two fingers or typing slowly, they can organize a 600-word text at 20 words per minute (wpm) in 30 minutes. An expert typist can order this exact text in 8.5 minutes at a speed of 70 words per minute. As a result, the person saves a lot of time. The company may save a lot of money and time by making long-term time savings.

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About 50 words per minute are the typical typing speed in the UK. To increase your employability and set yourself apart from the competition in the job market, learn to touch type. Pitman Training provides everyone with top-notch, certified typing training, from newcomers to typists looking to progress.

Here are a few benefits of touch typing skills:

1. Save time

The most obvious benefit of learning to touch type is the time it can save for someone (and their company). A part of 170 words may be typed with two fingers at an average speed of 10 a minute in about 17 minutes.

2. Better for your overall health

Touch typing is also good for your general health. It prevents you from stooping to reach the required keys on your keyboard. Yet you can’t take your eyes off the screen before you. Correct typing technique promotes good posture and reduces the chances of spine or back pain.

3. Decrease fatigue

Your mental and physical systems become exhausted as you type for long periods. Touch typing reduces your mental and physical weariness since it frees you from focusing on the actual typing process.

4. Increased speed of text production

A skilled typist may finish written work within a specific time frame without being restricted by their sluggish typing speed. So, businesses are more inclined to reward those who can type swiftly. It guarantees that they can produce more information for the company.

5. Accuracy

Touch typing improves a typist’s accuracy when producing work. They can do this because they are familiar with the keyboard’s layout. As a result, mistakes happen less often and are rectified much faster. Also, it boosts workers’ self-assurance in their work and is crucial to a business’s efficiency.

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