What Should You Know About Services for Web Scraping of Videos?

What Should You Know About Services for Web Scraping of Videos?
What Should You Know About Services for Web Scraping of Videos?

Video content is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. For instance, Statista claims 40% of US citizens aged 18 to 34 watch online clips daily. Such internet users spend up to 43 min every day viewing videos.

The rising popularity of the specified content attracts business owners and marketers. That’s because they can find new customers or track current consumer trends by creating promotional clips as well as reading comments on different videos. To make the mentioned processes more effective, entrepreneurs often use data extraction bots.

When you’re on the web scraping videos, it’s sometimes quite difficult to choose a company proposing qualitative services in online info mining, though. Experts recommend cooperating only with reputable IT agencies having positive market reputations (e.g., Nannostomus).

If not, you may receive poor-quality services at too high a cost. Furthermore, entrepreneurs should perform clip collection strictly according to current international and local legislation. Otherwise, they may have problems with the law. So, let’s dive deeper into all the peculiarities described.

How to Choose a Trustworthy Company Delivering Software for Web Scraping of Videos?

Reliable data collection agencies always work under official permissions. Trusted companies typically publish their license numbers on their websites or show the permits upon consumer requests.

Check Pricing and Payment Conditions

Reputable data mining firms commonly offer plenty of various services at different costs. This way, businesses with budgets of any size are able to find a suitable option. Moreover, trustworthy IT companies accept charges made only through robust payment systems.

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Such an approach helps avoid fund transfer delays. This, in turn, saves time because it allows co-working to start almost immediately. In addition, the use of reliable payment systems eliminates the possibility of fraud.

Carefully Learn Cooperation Terms


Trustworthy video web scraping companies sign official contracts with their clients. Good agreements never include the following things:

  1. Unclear or ambiguous statements. Such contract provisions can be interpreted against your interests later.
  2. Too small fonts. That’s because you may just overlook such text blocks. The latter can contain additional unfavorable co-working conditions, though.
  3. Empty fields. Such lines may be filled with additional disadvantageous terms after you sign an agreement.

Finally, contracts should mention the clear rights and obligations of the parties. This helps avoid disputes in the future.

What Should You Know About Copyright When Web Scraping Videos?


Here, the subsequent things have to be kept in mind:

  1. Copyright-free clips can be used for any goal. Experts, however, don’t recommend posting too many such videos on one’s site. That’s because search engines may block your source for plagiarism.
  2. Copyrighted videos aren’t allowed to be published on third-party websites without the consent of the original authors. In most cases, it’s permissible to insert short segments of such tapes into your own clips, though. Here, site owners should necessarily note the original authors of the video extracts they employ. Furthermore, you may conduct different non-public marketing analyses based on copyrighted clips. It’s, however, better not to store such research online to avoid leakage.
  3. Conditionally copyrighted videos. Sometimes, original creators allow third parties to download their clips in low resolutions or with watermarks. This way, authors encourage entrepreneurs to buy their high-resolution works and promote their brands. The terms of use of conditionally copyrighted videos are typically noted by the original creators.
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Experts advise consulting with experienced specialists (for example, at Nannostomus) to not be confused with all those subtleties of web scraped clip usage.

Is It Possible to Mine Comments for Videos?


Yep, you may get such information by employing data collection bots. On top of that, business owners can obtain the contacts of the authors of the scraped reviews. This way, website owners receive the following benefits:

  • possibility to monitor the ongoing preferences of consumers from certain countries;
  • ability to discover upcoming global trends;
  • opportunity to get consumer opinions about innovative products you’re going to add to your item range.

At last, you may obtain information about the number of videos’ views and likes. That helps detect what visual features in clips catch people the most. This way, you get ideas for the creation of more attractive videos to promote your brand.

How to Not Be Penalized as a Hacker

You should consider the power of the source you are going to collect clips from. For instance, hefty streaming platforms (e.g., YouTube) or huge public networks (such as Facebook) probably won’t crash because of intensive data mining.


On the other hand, small sites like local e-stores may be down due to the numerous requests sent by your web scraping bot. The latter case is often considered a DDoS attack. Consequently, you may get in trouble with the law in such cases.

The Takeaway

Web scraping of video content opens numerous possibilities to improve your business. However, that’s true only if an entrepreneur cooperates with reputable companies developing data mining software. Furthermore, site owners have to follow certain common recommendations when collecting online clips. Otherwise, they will have legal problems. You may get more info on this topic, for instance, at nannostomus.com.

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