What to Expect if You Want to Become an EVP?

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You are a project manager, controller, or cost engineer. Your work environment requires Earned Value Management (EVM) methodology to secure project performance. After a lot of first-hand experience in Earned Value Management, you must think about how to grow in your specialty or step up your EVM games and become the leader of your organization’s EVM workforce! Then it’s time to consider becoming the Earned Value Professional!

What to Expect if You Want to Become an EVP?

As the EVP specialist, you are qualified to lead your organization based on Earned Value Management. You must participate in the project proposal, pricing, planning and scheduling, risk management, and other project activities. As the EVM specialist, you instruct the other field experts about the aftermath of their decisions upon the EVM baseline and the utility of performance data. You need to understand the Project’s political environment and how best to communicate EVM performance data in each instance and audience. Finally, the EVP is responsible for providing well-written, logical, and persuasive transmission to their team, corporate leadership, and the customer.

I think it’s pretty challenging to become the EVP for the organization you are working for! Therefore, according to AACE (the organization responsible for the exam and certification), till January 2017, there were only about 500 active EVPs!

Also, the EVP exam can be pretty intimidating! So you will need a well-designed roadmap and instructions to minimize your preparation time and effort!

The Pre-qualifications to Become an Earned Value Professional Certified:

To become an EVP application, you need Eight years of industry-related experience in EVM (Earned Value Management), cost estimating, cost analysis, or related projects. Or four years of cost engineering-related experience plus four years of a cost engineering-related college degree.

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With the help of EVP workshops, you can gain and maintain the EVM body of knowledge based on cost engineering-related industry trends.

We also recommend you get familiar with the EVM guidelines. These 32 guidelines in the EIA-748 standard for EVPs divides into five areas:

  1. Organization: 5 guidelines focus on the contractor-established work breakdown structure developed down to a level that describes the Performed tasks and their relationship to product deliverables.
  2. Planning, Scheduling, and Budgeting: 10 guidelines for the basic requirements of planning, scheduling, and establishing the time-phased budgets of the tasks.
  3. Accounting Considerations: 6 guidelines for capturing actual costs of long-standing projects. The Project’s actual costs should be uniform with the plan and budget.
  4. EVMS Analysis and EVMS Management Report: 6 fundamental guidelines that require human attention to cost and schedule variances, documenting cause, impact, and correction action. The variance calculations during Earned Value Management analysis are at the control account level, which allows the ability to summarize the data through the WBS and the OBS. 
  5. Revisions and Data Maintenance: 5 baseline control guidelines emphasizing disciplined and timely incorporation of customer-directed changes, including stop-work orders.

One of the best ways to gain the pre-qualification and familiarity you need for your EVP exam is to enroll in an Earned Value Professional workshop! 

We suggest checking the workshops’ objectives and course outlines to ensure they offer the best solutions based on your time and necessities! 

Earned Value Professional Workshops Preparation Details:

The main idea behind Earned Value Professional workshops is to prepare you for the certification exam and help you gain comprehensive knowledge about project cost control and Earned Value Management.

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Pay attention to these outlines and try to find the best course for you:

  1. The workshop needs to provide EVM Basic concepts and definitions based on the scope definition and your organizational requirements.
  2. They need to cover planning, scheduling, budgeting, and accounting. 
  3. Also, earned value analysis and draft management reports plus revisions and data management should be one of the outlines you need to pay attention to

With these outlines, you can earn the objectives below.

  • You will be able to identify the Earned Value Management (EVM) systems.
  • With these outlines, you can locate your personal knowledge gaps.
  • The workshop helps you recognize the concept behind the Earned Value formula rather than relying on memorization.
  • After the EVP workshops, your specific techniques for answering the EVP exam questions will get better.
  • EVP workshop helps you compose an earned value analysis report. 

So As you can see, workshops and courses benefit you if you want to earn your EVP certification.

 3targets Certifications presented by the Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) have been a mark of excellence for over thirty years. Several employers demand these certifications as an employment requirement. EVP certification provides exam and experience validation that helps employers, clients, and colleagues identify who meets the program’s competency standards!

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