What to Know Before Hiring a Power Washing Company in Beaver County

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What to Know Before Hiring a Power Washing Company in Beaver County
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Suppose your Beaver County home or business’s exterior surfaces look worse for wear. Consider hiring a professional Premier Power Cleaning company like Pittsburgh Power Wash to restore their appearance. Power or pressure washing uses specialized equipment to spray surfaces with high-powered bursts of water, lifting away dirt, grime, mold, and mildew.

While a good power washing can leave your home looking brand new, not all companies take the same approach. When hiring a Beaver County power washing professional, you’ll want to keep a few key things in mind to ensure you receive quality service.

Ask About Their Process

A huge mistake many homeowners make when hiring a power washing company is neglecting to ask about their process. Do they spray water at your home’s exterior and call it a day? Or do they take a more nuanced approach, customizing the pressure level for each type of material they’re washing?

A quality power washing pro will assess the surfaces they’re working on and determine the appropriate level of power needed to clean effectively. Some materials, like wood and vinyl siding, should be used sparingly or could damage the surface.

An ideal power washing contractor in Beaver County will apply a house wash solution before rinsing. This pre-treats the area for cleaning, lifting contaminants away from the surface to allow for more effective rinsing. More than simply blasting away with water is needed to clean properly.

The best power washing company for Beaver County homeowners uses an effective house washing solution and customizes water pressure as needed. Ask prospective power washers about their step-by-step system to understand how thorough they will be. Power washing Beaver County companies worth hiring should explain their house washing solution ingredients and discuss adjusting pressure settings to suit each material. If the only “system” they cite is blasting everything with high-powered water, move along.

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Verify Proper Licensing and Insurance

Before allowing any contractor to work on your Beaver County property, you must ensure they carry full business credentials. At a minimum, the company should have a valid business license permitting it to operate in Beaver County and general liability insurance to cover any potential customer property damage or injury.

Refrain from taking their word for having adequate licensing and insurance – ask to see current documentation proving their credentials. If asked, any legitimate, professional power-washing contractor will readily provide their Beaver County business license number and insurance papers.

If a power washing company hesitates to verify licensing and insurance or refuses altogether, do not hire them. You could be held legally and financially responsible for any incidents from an uninsured/unlicensed contractor working on your property. Protect yourself by only allowing properly insured and licensed power washers to conduct exterior cleaning.

Research Company Reputation

Online customer reviews are invaluable for vetting professional service companies before hiring them. Spend some time Googling the full name of any Beaver County power washing contractor you’re considering, along with words like “reviews” and “scam.” This will pull up third-party review sites like Yelp and BBB, where real customers have rated their service quality and professionalism.

Also, try to locate reviews on the company’s primary website or social media pages – although keep in mind that reviews published directly on a service provider’s website/profiles can be cherry-picked or even fake. Vetted third-party review platforms tend to offer the most authentic testimonials.

Look for power washing companies with consistently positive customer ratings and feedback emphasizing quality cleaning work, respectful techs, fair pricing, and professionalism. Take note if you find any complaints concerning aggressive upselling tactics. Checking out online reviews is a quick way to gauge a provider’s true reputation.

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Price Compare Estimates

Only hire the first power washing company to throw out a price quote while soliciting at least 2-3 additional estimates to compare. Reputable power washing services will offer free on-site estimates, allowing them to evaluate the scope of your project’s cleaning needs to provide accurate pricing.

A major component that should be factored into a power washing quote is the square footage of surfaces requiring cleaning. Additionally, specialized power washing tasks like wood restoration or driveway/concrete cleaning may cost extra or necessitate supplemental equipment/staffing.

Be wary of lowball quotes that seem drastically cheaper than competitors, as pricing that sounds too good to be true often is. Make sure you communicate what services you expect a power washing quote to cover so you’re comparing apples to apples. Also, confirm that no hidden fees could ambush you with add-ons after starting a job.

Getting multiple estimates makes you confident that your price is fair market value for your particular exterior refresh project scope and needs.

Define a Schedule Upfront

Nothing’s more frustrating than taking time off work to be home for contractors…who never show up. Protect your schedule and avoid disappearing contractors by nailing specific power washing appointment dates/times upfront.

Professional power washing crews will provide an estimated project duration so you can plan accordingly. Factors in potential weather delays are important when plotting out a cleaning schedule, as pressure washers rely on dry conditions to work safely and effectively.

Reputable contractors understand the value of customers’ time. Before starting a Beaver County power washing job, mutually agreeable work days should be defined so you receive the refreshed exterior you’re paying for without unnecessary inconvenience.

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Do You Need It?

While a thorough power wash can restore dingy building materials to like-new condition, drastic cleaning may only be partially necessary, depending on how dirty your home is. Basic hand scrubbing with car washing soap and a brush freshens things up at a fraction of the cost for properties with only mild dirt buildup.

Before hastily inviting power washers onto your property, step back and objectively assess if the surfaces could mostly be revived through old-fashioned elbow grease instead. However, if confronting layers of deeply embedded dirt, mold, and oxidation that require serious pressure blasting to remove, professional-level cleaning will be justified.

Save your power washing services if standard homeowner washing can still clean your exterior. But if you are facing heavy grime that no manual scrubbing can tackle, invest in a professional contractor with the right equipment and expertise to do the job right. Evaluate whether a full-service company like Premier Power Wash is required or a simpler approach may work before committing.

In Closing

These tips give you a solid foundation of what to look for when vetting and hiring power-washing contractors in the greater Beaver County area. Taking time to ask the right questions, verify credentials, and compare service quotes will help set your upcoming exterior refresh project up for success.

And remember – if tackling heavily soiled or delicate surfaces requires true professional pressure washing capabilities, connect with the team at Premier Power Wash to bring your Beaver County property back to sparkling glory this season!

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