What To Look For While Buying an Air Conditioner Online?

Air Conditioner

People Usually Purchase Air Conditioners From Retail Stores. They believe it’s better to check all the top models and see their performance before deciding which one to buy. However, the market for air conditioners is fast changing with online options. Now it’s far more convenient to buy an air conditioner online.

The variety in models and the amount of discount offered in the online mode is mind-boggling. This article will guide you well if you are looking for a suitable air conditioner for your home or office. It will also help you to make an informed decision. Some important reasons for buying

ac online are listed here. 

So, here are the tips on how people should buy AC in India. These tips will help them choose the best model that suits their budget. However, first, you should decide whether you want to

purchase a Window AC or a Split unit.

So, how does a window AC differ from Split AC in India?

Feature                    Window         Split AC

Power Saving            Less             Better

Price                          Cheaper        Costlier

Cooling                     Limited         Better 

Noise                         Loud             Less 

Installation                Easy             Difficult

Benefits of Window ACs:

• They can be easily installed as compared to Split ACs. You aren’t required to drill walls to conceal air tubes.

• This is ideal for smaller rooms where space is a constraint, but the room must have a window where it can be fitted. 

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• They are also used to keep the room warm during winter since most models also have built-in heaters.

Benefits of Split ACs

• It cools much faster because wide blowers push out relatively higher volumes of cool air. 

• The compressor is virtually noiseless, and the condenser is located outside. 

• It is ideal for those places that don’t have a window. It can fit on any wall. 

What Capacity to Choose? 

Choosing the AC of the right size capacity can be tricky. The capacity of AC should be proportional to the size of the room. Although an air conditioner of a higher capacity can cool the room faster, it may consume a lot of electricity. A smaller air conditioner needs to work harder to cool the room and consume a lot of electricity despite not cooling the room efficiently. In India, The capacity for AC in India is rated in tones. 

Power Consumption

To purchase a power-efficient air conditioner online, you must purchase a model with a higher star rating. It might cost a little more but will consume less, saving money on your electricity bill in the long run. AC in India is available with star ratings ranging from 1 to 5. The higher the star, the lower the power consumption. For example, an air conditioner with a five-star rating will consume less power than a 3 star AC.


Until recently, ac in India was considered a luxury item that only the rich could afford. However, global warming has changed the ground rules. Now it has become a necessity. Now, air conditioners have become very affordable.

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For example, a 1-ton AC’s price ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000. Similarly, a 1.5-ton AC is between Rs 30,000 to Rs 45,000, while a 2-ton AC will cost anything from 40000 to 52000. However, if you choose an inverter AC, it will cost you a little more.

Which size of AC is the Best for your Bedroom?

Usually, a 1-ton window AC or a 1.5-ton Split AC is appropriate for rooms 150-160 sq ft in size. However, choosing a 1.5-ton window AC for larger rooms or a 2-ton Split AC would be best. 

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