What You Need to Know to Get a Dubai Visa

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Getting a Dubai Visa is a crucial step if you want to travel to the Middle East and enjoy the best of all that the UAE has to offer. If you have been thinking of visiting the UAE for a long time, you should first understand what you need to have ready to obtain your visa. There are several documents you will need, including a copy of your passport and the necessary documents to apply for a Dubai visa. You should also know the validity of your visa and whether you can extend it, and what fees are involved in getting an extension.

Documents required

Indians who plan to travel to Dubai must have all the documents that are required to apply for a UAE visa ویزای مولتی دبی. Their passport should be valid for a minimum of six months, have two blank pages and have at least one entry stamp from their country. A clear, color photo of themselves is also necessary. Their face should not be obscured by a veil or religious headgear. Moreover, their photograph must be recent, preferably no more than three months. However, Indian citizens who plan to visit Dubai should have a valid passport, as a visa on arrival can be obtained in just 100 Dhiram.

The UAE residence visa is a requirement for foreign nationals who have UAE Entry Permit. This visa enables them to stay in the UAE for longer than the number of days specified in their permit. Applicants must be sponsored by someone who meets GDRFA requirements. For instance, their passport must have a minimum validity of six months ویزا مولتی. If they intend to stay at a friend or relative’s home, they must submit a copy of their resident ID. Lastly, they must have a return ticket for their trip home.

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Entry validity

There are several options to extend the entry validity of your Dubai visa. The multiple entry visa is a popular option among frequent visitors to Dubai. It allows you to enter the country multiple times for a maximum of 58 days. You can extend this period twice for a fee of 850 AED. To extend this visa, you must have a confirmed ticket, hotel reservation, a letter of invitation from the host, and company proof of purpose.

To apply for a multiple entry visa, you must have a valid passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the time of arrival in the UAE. Additionally, you must provide proof of return flight tickets. In addition, you must submit a coloured copy of your PAN card and passport-size photo. A visa to the UAE is valid for five years. You can stay up to 180 days at a time.


UAE visa extension services are perfect for foreign nationals living in the UAE who wish to extend their stay without leaving the country. By using these services, you can skip the long lines and the long bus ride to Oman. This service is available for both tourist and business travelers, and saves you the hassle of visiting the country again. With the help of our team of visa experts, you can have your visa extended without a hitch!

The new rules for UAE visa extensions include the possibility to extend your stay for up to 30 days without the need to leave the country. This rule is very beneficial for job seekers, tourists, and even widows or divorced people. This change is due to the UAE government’s initiative of “humanity first.”

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There are two types of visa fees. For a tourist visa, the first fee is for an adult, and the second fee is for an infant. For an infant, the fee is ten percent of the cost of the visa, and there is no difference between the two. However, for a business trip, a company must pay a five-digit fee. A foreign passport holder must have an investment of at least Rs. 5 lakh. If you are an Indian citizen, you need to have the proper documents at home.

Alternatively, you can visit your local immigration office and apply for a new visit visa. If your visit visa expires, you can apply for a new one for AED 600. In this case, you must meet the terms and conditions of the original visa. The fees for extending a visit visa also differ. For example, if your visa expires on the 10th day, you’ll need to pay AED 600.

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