What Youtube Shows Are Popular?

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YouTube premium not only provides ad-free viewing but also lets you access some of the most binge-worthy shows available right now. If you’re not sure whether to take the subscription or which shows to watch, we have you covered.

Features Of Youtube Premium

  1. The best feature of YouTube Premium is the ad-free viewing experience that lets you watch tv.youtube.tv/start your favorite videos without any interruptions.
  2. It enables you to view videos in the background and supports picture-in-picture playback.
  3. You will have access to the YouTube Music app through the YouTube Music Premium Plan which is included under the YouTube Premium subscription. 

Top 4 Popular Shows On Youtube

1. Cobra Kai

How does a 100% rotten tomatoes rating sound to you? That’s what Cobra Kai has. People love this show not only because it is full of nostalgia, but also because it has a great storyline and the character development is noteworthy. It brings back the original cast of the Karate Kid of the 80s, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka.

2. Impulse

It is a 2018 show starring Maddie Hasson, which explores a world of superpowered individuals. It is a big sci-fi thriller with a focus on the survival story of the protagonist as well as other characters.

3. Step Up: High Water

A coming-of-age drama featuring twins and the adjustment they need to make for acceptance at the High Water Arts Academy. You don’t even need to be bothered with the storyline because of the talent of the cast. The dancing is enough to make it a must-watch disneyplus.com/begin.

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4. Wayne

Wayne is one of those shows that will keep you hooked on your seats and binge-watch it in one go. It is a teen action comedy that does not fail to deliver in any way. This is one of the best shows right now not just on YouTube but as a whole. It gives you the thrills of a typical teen spy drama along with exceptional acting by the whole cast making the drama part worth watching too.

What Are The Games Or Matches I Can Stream On ESPN?

ESPN+ offers you all the live coverage for your sports needs. From golf to basketball, to soccer, it has it all. Here is a list of the top sports live coverage that you can stream espn.com/activate on ESPN:

  1. MLB (Major League Baseball)
  2. NHL (National Hockey League)
  3. NBA (National Basketball Association) league
  4. MLS (Major League Soccer)
  5. PGA Golf
  6. Top Rank Boxing
  7. Grand Slam matches
  8. Cricket
  9. Rugby
  10. CFL (Canadian Football League)
  11. EFL (English Football League)
  12. UEFA Nations League games
  13. Bundesliga- Germany’s topmost soccer league

Can I Record Matches On ESPN To Watch Later?

Recording matches on ESPN can be done using third-party software but matches are available on the streaming platform for viewing later without having the need to record. You just need to go to the streaming platform and find the match you missed under the Replay tab.  Alternatively, if you want to record the matches, you can look for software that records the screen or the matches directly. 

When you are already in a live broadcast and you would like to rewind to the start or the point you left at, that is possible too directly on the platform. You just need to remember not to watch the score before rewinding, or else that ruins all the suspense. 

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How Much Does ESPN Costs Monthly?

As of the latest, ESPN+ in itself costs $10 per year. If purchased yearly, it will cost you $100 a year. Previously however it used to cost $7 per month or $70 per year. This increase in the cost has been revealed to be due to the increase in programming costs.

Mathematically, the yearly plan saves $20 for you, but if you plan on buying the Disney Plus Bundle, it makes a better offer. The Disney Plus Bundle is $13 a month and it provides you with Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu streaming all in one. 

Since Disney is prone to increasing the costs of its subscriptions, it is highly possible that the costs might increase sooner than later. 

ESPN also offers yearly subscription plans with UFC Pay-Per-Views occasionally. ESPN TV channels however require TV subscriptions, from cable, satellite, or live TV streaming services. 

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