What’s Animated UI Design Creative Process

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The world today is powered by technology & devices that make our life much easier. Just a decade ago UI design companies were unknown to the world but since the launch of multiple operating systems such as android, IOS, Symbion, and Windows & many intense graphical games have been in demand recently paving the way for animated UI design creatives to be used in these popular operating systems.

Everyone in the world is equipped with technology in the form of smartphones, smartwatches, computers, laptops & tablets giving the operating systems a worldwide platform to target users, as the competition got tougher every operating system got loaded with different applications, games & other stuff that only helped the users to grow. This huge success was derived from the UI designs of these applications that help users engage more with the operating system & apps.

Today user interface designs also popularly known as UI designs have become the heart of technology & animations are the heartbeat of these UI designs that make them so attractive & help the user to get hooked or engaged with the user interface in a friendly manner.

Animations are a key element even when it comes to marketing, or creating explainer videos to market your brand, as businesses all around the world are getting smarter and putting into practice marketing that is strongly linked to UI designs & animated videos. It’s safe to say that the UI designs that once powered only the top operating systems can now be helped to make business videos more interactive & user friendly.

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What are animated explainer videos?

Animated explainer videos are short informative videos that consist of animations, motion graphics, and interactive animated UI design creatives that make the video more user-friendly.

Marketing researchers in the UK have concluded that Animated Explainer video can boost the viewer’s attention to 95% more when compared to other explainer video types. The animated explainer video pricing also could be more when compared to other video types as these videos consist of strong UI animations.

Animated Explainer Videos & Interactive UI Designs

Marketing is the backbone of every organization today, animated explainer videos have proven to be a game changer because of their animation graphics, further, we discuss some techniques or animation types that can be included in your video UI.

List Scrolling

Every user likes to scroll lists on their smartphone devices, such scrolling lists can also be included in your animated explainer video. In such scrolling lists, 2 different products can be compared or a list of your services & products can be created on either side giving it a scrolling effect. The list scrolling effect is a motion graphical effect that helps your explainer video look more interactive and smooth to look at.

Sliding Effects

These are one of the simplest yet very user-friendly type gestures you can use in your animated explainer video. The slide effect of products moving from right to left & a new product each time the slide is swapped can help you showcase your different products in one go. Also, list scrolling & sliding effects can be combined to give your explainer video a unique look.

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Realistic Interface

This is a type of interface that is very rich in motion graphics, you can add various complex animations, motions & effects to make it more realistic A realistic interface in the explainer video can give you a head start against your competitors, a realistic interface consists of multiple effects, colors & animations that make the video UI very interesting to watch.

Explainer Videos & interactive user interface go hand in hand if you are looking forward to creating a perfect explainer video for your business, or in your application. Explainer video costs in the UK can be expensive if you want multiple UI animations to be included in the video. The animated explainer video pricing with a good UI design & motion graphics is always high.

Best Animated UI Design Company In UK

Explainer Mojo is the best-animated explainer video company that provides the most graphical intense UI designs in your video user interface that makes your animated explainer video stand out from the competition.

Explainer Mojo is a top video animation company that works with businesses to create interactive animations for their video UI or app UI. We have a team of skilled UI designers & animation experts who thrive to provide the best animated explainer videos with  UI designs to our clients.

Explainer Mojo provides customized animated explainer video pricing based on the requirements of the client, this helps to cut down costs & give you a top animated explainer video at an affordable price. Feel free to connect to Explainer Mojo today, the best-animated UI design company in the UK.

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