When Should You Use Mass Text Marketing?

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SMS marketing is more important than ever. Modern brands use SMS marketing to send out important messages, drive conversions, and for a variety of other purposes. But it’s tough to know when you should use mass text marketing, especially when other marketing channels, like email marketing or social media posting, may provide a better return on your investment.

Let’s break down some specific scenarios where mass text marketing is the way to go.

You Have a Large Marketing Audience

Firstly, you should use mass text marketing when you have a very large audience you need to market to. If you recently scaled your brand and now you sell products around the country or around the world, you can’t rely on in-person posters or billboard advertisements to spread your messages.

Mass text marketing can be effective if you need to send the same message to everyone very quickly. Say that you just decided to put a 30% discount on one of your flagship products. Instead of waiting for potential buyers to stumble across your website or view a Google PPC ad, you can use mass text marketing to:

  • Tell everyone about the major discount now
  • Give text recipients the chance to view the product and make a purchase now, too

In many cases, the above two factors combined to improve conversions and purchases. Nothing inspires customers to buy faster than a sense of urgency, and mass text marketing does that much better than a marketing email or a Google advertisement.

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More importantly, mass text marketing lets you give that message to as many people as possible without breaking the bank. Indeed, mass text marketing is highly cost-effective and affordable, even for small businesses or brands with limited marketing budgets.

You Have a Basic, But Important, Message

Alternatively, mass text marketing could be great if you have a basic, yet also critical, message to send.

Imagine a scenario where one of your products is discovered to have a new defect. It will be almost impossible for you to tell all the purchasers of that product the danger in person. But if you have all the purchasers’ phone numbers, you can send a mass text message alerting them to the potential danger and:

  • Giving them the chance to apply for a refund or exchange
  • Giving them the chance to ask questions

Being communicative and prompt is vital in situations like this. When speed and clarity are important, mass text marketing is the best way to get your message out to a crowd ASAP.

You Need Recipient Responses

Mass text marketing also benefits from a very high open rate, particularly compared to other digital marketing methods like email newsletter marketing.

If you need recipient responses, such as answers to a survey, mass text marketing is the best way to get them. Many people look at their phones for many hours during the day. When they receive a text message, they are more likely to click it and see what it has to say compared to when they receive an email.

Surveys, questionnaires, and appointment confirmation inquiries are all best delivered via mass text marketing campaigns as opposed to other forms of communication, including phone calls.

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You Want to Drum Up Excitement

You can also use mass text marketing if you want to drum up a lot of excitement for something important or big happening at your company. These scenarios include:

  • When you are opening a new store or location and want your longtime consumers to know
  • When you recently released a new product and want everyone to know about it quickly
  • When you have an upcoming promotion or discount. This is particularly smart during known discount seasons, like during the Black Friday holiday shopping weekend

Basically, people get excited when they receive a text message. Thanks to mass text messages’ high open rates, they are also the best ways to get people excited about whatever your brand has to offer.

You Want to Bolster Other Marketing Campaigns

Lastly, you should use mass text marketing if you want to improve the performance of other marketing campaigns.

For example, you can reference a marketing email a text recipient didn’t open in one of your SMS messages. Or you can refer SMS message recipients to your Facebook profile page, where they can partake in a contest or submit a request for support if they need help with a product. Mass text marketing can boost the effects of other marketing efforts in more ways than one.

Bottom line: mass text marketing can be used for all of these needs and more. If you’re uncertain about the right marketing strategy, remember that you can combine multiple marketing channels and enjoy the conversion benefits and increased revenue of multichannel marketing anytime. 

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