When The World Starts Looking Real Through Portraits, There Is Christopher Swanger Behind It

When The World Starts Looking Real Through Portraits, There Is Christopher Swanger Behind It

This post was most recently updated on May 19th, 2023

Remember drawing and everyone making a big deal about how good it is to encourage you? In reality, what’s so special about that art? Probably nothing! But what do you think happens when this “just art” becomes a skill and a passion? We can say that a Christopher Swanger will emerge and rise.

The Untold Story of Emergence

Since age 5, Christopher has been good at arts, and everyone has appreciated it. His mother noticed his talent and enrolled him in many art classes and courses. Christopher also attended sculpting and anatomy classes, so he has an eye for minute details, which helps him structure things to look real. Having this skill back for him was a big key in unlocking his future endeavors. Christopher attended the school of animation and art and later switched to graphic design and photography. Since then, he has become a Porsche with no brakes. Christopher accelerated in the field of graphic design. As a web and mobile app developer, he worked hard enough to surpass this rank and step into UX/UI designing. Christopher asserts himself and clears the straight path to the position of creative director at Razorfish. Christopher loved to work on art and photography. He has done a lot of photo composites.

Work Hard or Get Left Behind

There’s always an instinct inside everyone that pushes them forward to achieve the goal. Some people listen to their inner voice, while some ignore it. Fortunately, Christopher listened to his instinct, worked hard to achieve his dreams, and even more. Christopher holds a degree of bachelor’s in visual communication and graphic design. He is a certified adobe expert in Photoshop. He has been featured in news and art publications and has an experience of more than 30 years in the field. Christopher has also worked with famous bands and artists such as Quiet Riot, MAstadon, Machine Head, Dweezle Zappa, and Steven Adler from Guns N Roses. Other works by Christopher include portraits, landscape, night photography, and product photography, with a few weddings tagged along, but he refuses to do weddings ever again. Christopher also gets his hands on carpentry work making custom live edge tables and river tables you can see here: www.customrivertables.com.

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The Secret of Success By Christopher Swanger

When Christopher posted his art pieces, they started gaining attention. Many people were in awe of his work and wanted prints which led Christopher to step into the NFT game now, where he can showcase all of his art skills, including photo composites, NFTs, art pieces, and his whole mighty NFT collection. Christopher shared that

“Life is full of curve balls. You don’t have to hit a home run every time you’re at bat.”

If anyone’s looking for unique art or photography, they can visit swagadelic.shotz or swagadelic-shotz and there will always be something new to feast your eyes on. Christopher has so many art pieces and photography still under the curtains that would likely be released as NFT and prints.

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