When to Execute Crypto Arbitrage Trades for Maximum Profit

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When to Execute Crypto Arbitrage Trades for Maximum Profit

Trading cryptos can make good money if done right. One smart way is something called arbitrage. Arbitrage just means buying cryptos cheaply on one exchange and selling them quickly on another exchange where the price is higher. This works because crypto prices are different on different exchanges. By buying low and selling high between the exchanges, profits can be made. 

The key is to act fast to buy and sell before the prices change. Fees need to be checked, too, so profits are still made after paying them. It takes some work to find the best opportunities, but profits can come fast with arbitrage trades.

You need to watch the different exchange prices closely to spot good chances. Then, be ready to trade quickly so you lock in the spread before it goes away. Timing and speed are important for making the most profits with this Crypto arbitrage profit strategy.  

Alright, let’s jump into some tips for maximizing profits with crypto arbitrage!

See Crypto Prices

The first step in executing a profitable crypto arbitrage trade is identifying price discrepancies across different exchanges. This requires checking prices for the same coins on multiple exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc. Sign up for accounts on several major exchanges so you can easily monitor real-time prices. Make a list of coins you want to track and set up price alerts to get notified when there are significant price differences. Scanning price charts manually works, too, but it takes more active effort. The key is spotting when the price of a single crypto asset diverges substantially on different exchanges at the same time – that’s your cue a potential arb opportunity is setting up.

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Find Big Price Gaps 

Once you’ve identified some price divergence between exchanges, you need to zero in on the biggest discrepancies. Look for gaps of 5% or more to make arbitrage profitable after fees. For example, if BTC is trading at $18,500 on Coinbase but only $17,600 on Binance, that $900 difference represents a 5% gap. The wider the spread between the buy and sell price on different exchanges, the better. Keep an eye out for sudden price spikes or crashes that often cause temporary price dislocations across exchanges as the market reacts. Big spreads happen most often with smaller altcoins, so don’t ignore lesser-known assets.

Check Fees

Before executing any arbitrage trades, you need to understand the fees involved in each exchange. Exchanges charge fees for buying, selling, withdrawing, and depositing crypto. These fees are usually a percentage of the total transaction amount. Make sure to factor them in when calculating your potential profit on a trade. If the price gap between exchanges is less than the total fees you’ll pay to buy and sell the coin, it’s not worth it. Avoid exchanges with high withdrawal fees that will eat into your arb gains. Knowing the fees can make the difference between a winning or losing arbitrage play.

Calculate Profit 

Once you’ve identified a trade with a sufficiently large price gap between exchanges, do the math to estimate your expected profit. Calculate the fees to buy and sell the coin on each exchange. Then, subtract those fees from the price difference to determine your net gain. For example, a 5% price spread minus 0.5% in total fees gives you an expected profit of 4.5%. You can then determine if the potential upside justifies the time and effort to execute the arbitrage. Don’t forget taxes – you may owe capital gains tax on profits from crypto trading, depending on where you live. Crunching the numbers is essential to finding and capitalizing on the best arb opportunities.

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Be Ready to Act Fast

When an arbitrage opportunity presents itself, you need to be ready to execute the trades quickly before the price discrepancy disappears. Have accounts set up and funded on multiple exchanges you monitor so you can trade rapidly when needed. Speed is critical to maximizing arbitrage profits. By the time you slowly transfer funds and get fully set up, the opportunity could be gone. The prices tend to converge quickly as arbitrageurs pile in. Be poised and ready to trade at a moment’s notice when you spot a good arb spread. Those who hesitate to lose out!

Trade at the Best Times 

Crypto market prices fluctuate constantly, but volatility is highest at certain peak trading times. The best arbitrage opportunities tend to arise when trading activity spikes – between the US market close and the Asian market open, for example. Keep an extra close eye on prices around major news events and announcements that stir up market reactions. Whale trades can also cause ripples. Monitor order book depth and volumes for signals when spreads may emerge. Outside of peak times, spreads tighten up as markets calm down. Know when to hunt for arb trades and pounce at the right moments.

Watch Prices Closely

Once you enter an arbitrage trade, monitor the prices closely as the transaction processes. Given how quickly crypto valuations fluctuate, the profit spread you initially saw could change fast. If the buy or sell price starts moving against you, consider backing out to avoid losses. Keep a close eye on order book depth, too – a lack of liquidity could prevent your trades from filling as expected. The key is being able to react nimbly if the upside profit disappears. Arb trading requires continuous focus and vigilance. Assume nothing and be ready to adapt your strategy.

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Take Profits Quickly

Once your arbitrage trades are executed successfully, move fast to lock in profits. Transfer the traded funds immediately off the exchanges to your own crypto wallets. Don’t leave the money sitting on an exchange any longer than necessary, or you could get caught in a freeze or hack. Taking quick custody of your arbitrage gains is the best practice. Also, consider converting some profits to stablecoins or fiat currency instead of leaving everything in volatile crypto. Lock it in! Letting profits ride is not a wise move in arbitrage trading. Cash out and prepare to seize the next opportunity.


Crypto arbitrage takes research, quick execution, constant monitoring, and disciplined profit-taking. Done right, it can be a lucrative trading strategy as crypto markets mature and exchange connectivity improves. But it’s not a passive, hands-off approach – you have to put in the work. Happy hunting for those temporary price spreads, and may your trades be swift and profitable!


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