Which Toilet Seat will fit in your bathroom? Explore your options with Kohler

This post was most recently updated on November 24th, 2022

When re-doing a bathroom or building a new one from scratch, selecting the faucets and fixtures is the important thing. Matching the theme, making sure the selected products match your expectations in functions is top priority. Equally important is the task of choosing a toilet seat for the bathroom. The points to keep in mind while choosing a seat is to make sure that the size is accurate, colour matches the overall theme of the bath space and the functions are upgraded and up to the mark.

Be it a one piece toilet or a mix of fixtures and fittings, make sure you are buying something that you truly like. Kohler has a wide range of bidet toilets. Toilet seats which go well with the modern style bathrooms, as well as built with advanced technology. 

Toilet with Bidet Seat

Which toilet seat would be a fit?

Selecting the toilet seat in terms of size is the first priority. Although most of the toilet seats come in standard sizes and fit all the bathrooms perfectly, in case you still want to be sure of the dimensions, one can measure the distance between the fixing holes, and the length of the bowl, then lastly the width of the bowl. These measurements will help you find the exact toilet seat which would be fit for your bathroom. Kohler Bangladesh gives its customer all the right support to measure the accurate seat and choose the best fit for the toilet commode. 

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The choice of material-

The toilet seats come in various designs and materials. The western toilet models and prices can be looked at on the Kohler’s website or in their catalogue. The material is also available in various finishes. There is wooden, duroplast, plastic, resin etc available at Kohler. One can explore the commode price in Bangladesh and pick out the best material according to the budget. 

Installing the toilet seat

After selecting the appropriate material and size, the toilet seat can be easily installed in the bathroom. Kohler gives one the option of help when installing the toilet seat, but one can also explore the opportunity to install it on their own by reading the instructions carefully. 

A clean toilet is a healthy toilet

It is very important to maintain the hygiene of a toilet and keep it sanitised for the benefit of all. One can keep a sponge or a cloth, assigned to the cleaning of the toilet seat. This practice will make sure that your toilet gets cleaned periodically without fail. One can opt for less chemical solutions that can keep the toilet and the bowl clean. If opting for a home remedy, one can combine soapy water with white vinegar and have a cleaning solution ready at home.

Bidet Toilet

Exploring other options and accessories

There are a variety of toilet seat accessories available in the market. One can explore the options of soft close seats which have extra hinges to support the toilet seat and improve the efficiency of the toilet as well. With a soft close seat, the hinges are replaced with plastic tubes made with silicon. This prevents the instant shutting down of the seat and creates a noise free space in the bathroom and keeps the home quiet, without disturbing the other family members. This is also better for the product life and quality. 

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Toilet Seats in Bangladesh

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