Which VPS host accepts Bitcoin?

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Which VPS host accepts Bitcoin?
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With the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, more internet users want hosting providers that accept digital currency as a form of payment. This report explores the top VPS hosting services that take Bitcoin, focusing on features like server speed, storage, bandwidth, and security tools. We’ll review offerings from Namecheap, Hostinger, and VPSMakers – a provider known for instant provisioning of optimized Bitcoin VPS plans.

Key Factors to Consider

When choosing a VPS host that accepts Bitcoin, consider the following key factors:

  • Server performance – Look at uptime guarantees, processor/RAM configurations and SSD vs HDD storage. Faster servers ensure smooth website/application loads.
  • Storage and bandwidth – Unmetered storage and bandwidth are ideal. Check each plan’s allotments to support growth.
  • Security tools – Look for DDoS protection, firewalls, SSL certificates and malware scanning for peace of mind.
  • Control panel – Ease of use and features like one-click apps, backups and malware scanners matter.
  •  Support – Check support response times, methods (chat, email, etc.) and online docs/guides.
  • Price – Costs vary by plan, but overall value is important for your budget.


Namecheap is a well-known global leader that helps over 10 million customers register domain names and run their websites. They have been around since 2000 and are now one of the best name registrars and web hosts in the world. Namecheap has also kept up with the latest technology by now accepting Bitcoin payments for their robust VPS hosting plans.

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Some key features of Namecheap’s VPS hosting include:

  • Competitively priced VPS plans starting at just $8/month for 20GB SSD storage and 512MB RAM
  • Choice of data centers located in Phoenix, Arizona and Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Easy-to-use control panel to fully manage and configure your VPS server
  • 24/7 live chat support and access to support via phone and help desk tickets
  • Reliable uptime from a proven, reputable hosting company
  • SSH access is provided for more advanced server configuration
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all VPS hosting plans

Website: https://www.namecheap.com/support/payment/bitcoin/

With excellent value, great features, and the ability to pay anonymously with Bitcoin, Namecheap is a top choice for VPS hosting.


Hostinger is a rapidly expanding web hosting business that has garnered a user base of over 29 million individuals spanning 178 countries. They offer an extensive set of hosting products, including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. Hostinger proudly accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment options for all hosting plans.

Some key advantages of hostinger’s VPS hosting include:

  • Competitive VPS rates starting at just $3.99/month for 20GB SSD storage and 1GB RAM
  • Global data centre locations in the USA, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, and Indonesia
  • User-friendly hPanel control panel included to manage VPS server easily
  • Allocation of dedicated IPv4 and /64 IPv6 addresses
  • Live chat, email, and a knowledge base are just some of the many ways customers can get in touch with support whenever they need it.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on VPS hosting plans
  • Additional DDoS protection and regular backups are provided

Website: https://www.hostinger.com/vps-hosting

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With extremely affordable pricing, great features, and Bitcoin payment support, Hostinger is another top option for VPS hosting.


VPSMakers is a more specialized hosting provider that has focused exclusively on cloud-based VPS hosting solutions since 2013. They have data centres strategically located worldwide to provide fast, reliable VPS servers. As a forward-thinking company, VPSMakers also accepts Bitcoin payments for their customizable VPS plans.

Some of the key features of VPSMakers include:

  • Fully customized VPS configuration options available
  • Global data center
  • locations across 4 continents – North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia
  • Uses advanced VMware virtualization technology for optimal performance
  • Management via vSphere client or web-based VPS Control panel
  • Each VPS plan includes DDoS protection, regular backups, and free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 customer service via phone, help desk, and live chat
  • Ability to pay anonymously using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • 7-day money-back guarantee on all new VPS hosting plans

Website: https://vpsmakers.com/vps/bitcoin/

With their specialized expertise in VPS hosting and Bitcoin payment options, VPSMakers is a smart choice for your virtual private server needs.


In conclusion, Namecheap, Hostinger and VPSMakers are all reputable VPS hosting providers that give Bitcoin users privacy and flexibility in their payments. As the report has shown, each one offers robust virtual private servers with SSD speed, ample resources and security features to power any site or application.

Namecheap and Hostinger are great starting points for basic to mid-level Bitcoin VPS needs, especially those on a budget. Their intuitive controls and rich feature sets ensure smooth sailing even for less experienced users. Global data centres and strong uptime guarantees further sweeten the deals.

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However, for more demanding environments requiring high-performance hardware, redundant infrastructure or flexible scaling, VPSMakers may be the best fit. Its top-tier server configurations can support mission-critical operations, while 99.9% SLA uptime provides rigorous dependability. VPSMakers also caters directly to cryptocurrency users through optimized Bitcoin server designs.

All three hosts simplify Bitcoin payments during purchases through direct integration. But site owners wanting to accept crypto as visitors pay for goods/services will find plugins, gateways and invoicing tools invaluable, too. With the right solution, any VPS host reviewed here can serve as a launch pad into the digital currency economy.

Ultimately, choosing the right provider depends on individual project needs and budget. But for anonymity, security and service quality, these featured VPS hosts uphold Bitcoiners’ values seamlessly. Owners can feel confident building robust online solutions while shielding their privacy under these providers’ watch. Overall, all three make excellent candidates for reliable VPS hosting that also embraces modern crypto payment methods.

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