White Abaya

White Abaya
White Abaya

White Abaya is a versatile colour that is popular among many modest women. It is especially common during summer as it is a light colour that will ensure you stay cool throughout the warm season. Although a white abaya is the desired colour, it can be tricky to style and care for one, but once you master a few key fashion hacks, you will be sure to wow the crowd in radiant white. We will go over numerous ways you can use white in your wardrobe without worrying about lipstick or ketchup stains spoiling your outfit. From matching your comfortable trainers with your white open abaya to creating an elegant look for a dressier night out in the town, below are a few tips and tricks:

Go all white

Wearing all white is a strong but refined statement that can instantly make you look more put-together and chic. Nobody would dare to criticize an all-white abaya or dispute this signature look. Yet, you would be excused for thinking that an all-white abaya would be too daring or clumsy to be worn casually throughout the day. The trick is to keep the rest of your outfit as understated as possible and accessorize with simple silver or gold jewellery.

Your all-white abaya will look less stark if you accessorize it with other shades of light or dark colours. Alternatively, styling it with bright neon colours will make you look ever so fashionable. An all-white outfit is also usually a sign of tranquillity and reflects pure enlightenment of personality making it an elegant choice of colour whether it is a day or night event.

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Use it as a base

Using white as the core of your outfit enables you to create a fashion style that can be as simple or as complex as you want. For a picture-perfect summer look, pair a light-coloured slip dress in beige with a white abaya. For a more subdued look, draw attention to your accessories like your clutch or shoes by matching your white abaya with brighter and bolder colours –– by doing it this way, you will still look fashionable with a dash of colour but not be too loud or attention-seeking.

Know to accessorize

With sporty chic becoming a huge trend and taking the top spot on catwalks, incorporating white sneakers with your white abaya is the ultimate way to achieve an athleisure look. A chunky trainer-style shoe can reshape your white abaya into an eye-catching and seamless daytime look, integrating an ever-so-stylish all-white outfit.

A white abaya allows you to accessorize however boldly or simply you like, and accessories always help to complete the look. If you prefer a more elegant look, style it with a pair of open-toe heels, and a silver clutch. Adding bright red lipstick can help elevate your look to a classier finish. Alternatively, if you want to stand out in a brightly coloured abaya, keep your other accessories as simple as possible so the focus is on your abaya.

Day to night

Everyone has experienced a situation where there is no time to change into a different set of clothing, especially when you are rushing from a day-to-night event. In this case, a white abaya is an ideal transitional piece that will keep you stylish during the day and elegant for the event that you are attending at night. The trick is to swap your shoes for a pair of heels and add red lipstick to instantly elevate your look to a glamorous one, and walk into the night with renewed confidence.

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The benefit of wearing a white abaya from day to night will also ensure you stay cool during hot summer days and stuffy summer nights. Whether you are looking to incorporate a touch of brightness into your summer style or a daily dose of white into your winter wardrobe, make your fashion dreams a reality by stocking up on a few different white abaya designs that can accommodate different formal and casual occasions. 

Style it with any other colours

White is a colour that looks so versatile and hard to go wrong with. A woman who prefers a minimalistic look usually wears a white abaya because it is an all-around piece that makes a good combination with other different colours and is suitable for any type of occasion. The good thing about white abayas, especially plain ones, is that they can be styled formally or casually, and will match literally any other outfit. Wearing white and accessorizing it with gold or silver heels and a clutch also looks elegant at night when most of the crowd will be donning an all-black outfit.

Of course, you are not limited to only gold and silver, but a contrasting mix of striking colours like orange and yellow can also uplift your entire look and bring out the fashionista in you. Say you have an event during the day and evening but do not have time to go home for a quick change, then a white abaya is an ideal choice as it will easily transition between the two events and all you must do is simply swap the shoes and accessories.

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Choose the right fabric

Wearing white also acts as a heat reflector, especially during the summer season as it helps to keep the body cool during warmer days. The fabric is also an important consideration when selecting a white abaya because it can make a huge difference in absorbing or repelling sweat. While some fabrics are more pleasant in the heat than others, some fabrics are meant to be worn only on special occasions and would not necessarily brave the sweltering heat or the chilly winter.

For example, when the weather is warm, natural fabrics like cotton or linen can be more comfortable on the skin as it is breathable, gentle on the skin, and absorbs sweat. Meanwhile, synthetic fabrics like satin may not be comfortable when the weather is scorching hot but would be suitable for special occasions as it has an elegant sheen which will instantly elevate your look.

Whether you are considering attending a day or night event, or both events on the same day, a white abaya can be a very versatile piece that will easily go with any style and accessories that you may already have stocked up at home.

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