Wholesale Websites in India
Wholesale Websites in India

Top 10 Wholesale Websites in India

This post was most recently updated on November 18th, 2021

India boasts the world’s second-largest demographic, which implies a sizable market for  apparel, shoes, jewelry, and other common items. People are continuously looking for  methods to make it lucrative for them as the demand grows.  

Wholesale is the method through which a retailer purchases the items that they intend to sell  in their stores. People tended to prefer offline markets, but as demand for a variety of goods  grew, they were forced to turn to the internet. Several wholesalers are leveraging the internet  as their global gateway in the same way.  

So, let’s have a look at a few of these websites and learn a bit more about India’s online  wholesale markets and websites.  


Indiamart, like Alibaba, is an Indian business-to-business e-commerce site. Dinesh Agarwal  created the company in 1996, and it is based in Noida in India. It is India’s most popular  virtual wholesale market for sourcing items. You may discover everything to buy here  because it is one of the largest directories of Indian manufacturers, producers, and distributors  of hundreds of various items.  

Upholstery equipment, manufacturing and construction materials, textiles and garments,  industrial supplies, and much more are among the things sold on Indiamart. Over 48 lac  providers, over 6 crore customers, and over 5 crore items are available for purchase on the  marketplace.  

It is one of the best online wholesale websites in India with a large user base. 

Website: https://www.indiamart.com/  


Shopclues is another popular online wholesale website in India. Shopclues is a business-to consumer (B2C) online shopping platform with over two crore goods in various categories.  There is a large selection of women’s clothing, fashion accessories, men’s clothing, phones  and gadgets, sports and recreation equipment, household and kitchen items, and so on.  

It has been mentioned among the wholesale websites since it has been able to sell things at  dirt-cheap costs to the general public.  

Since its inception in 2011, it has been dedicated to ensuring that distributors receive the  smallest possible margins. So, if you can’t buy in bulk at wholesale prices, you may purchase  your things from Shopclues and save a lot of money over buying from retail stores.  

Website: https://www.shopclues.com/  

Textile Export  

Textile Export is one of India’s major wholesalers and exporters specializing in garments.  They specialize in anything from simple salwar kameez to wholesale bridal gowns and  couture lehenga and sarees. They are located in Surat, India. They feature a large selection of  ready-to-wear clothing for all occasions and budgets. 

They also accept a variety of payment methods, such as payment on delivery and advance  payments. Depending on the dress style, they come in packs of 8 or 12 pieces. Simply choose  the apparel you want to purchase in bulk and they will dispatch it the same day with a  delivery period of 4-5 days.  

Textile Export is one of the most reliable wholesale websites in India.  

Website: https://www.textileexport.in/  

Surat Fabric  

Surat Fabric has over 25 years of experience in the wholesale garment and fabric industry.  Surat Fabric is a renowned retail saree, suits, and lehengas maker and distributor located in  Surat, Gujarat which is a preferred area for wholesalers in India.  

They offer a large range of fashionable party dresses, couture dresses, silk sarees, kurtas,  everyday apparel, and bridal wear that they sell in lots of ten per dress. They also have a large  warehouse where they store and transport their wholesale apparel all around the world.  

Surat Fabric is a well-known wholesale shop with clients from all across India and the world.  It is also one of the most popular wholesale websites in India.  

Website: https://www.suratfabric.com/  

Wholesale Box  

Another popular online wholesale market for women’s apparel and accessories from India is  the Wholesale Box. Their headquarters are in India, although they have warehouses and  offices around the country, notably in Surat, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. The Wholesale Box is  a business-to-business online wholesale market that promises to save you up to 30% on  sourcing expenses when compared to traditional wholesale wholesalers.  

Ethnic apparel, western wear, lingerie, footwear, jewelry, fabric, men’s wear, and kids’ wear  are just a few of their fashion offerings.  

Website: https://www.wholesalebox.in/  


Milmila is another popular online wholesale website in India. Milmila is a VC-backed  leading e-commerce marketplace that caters to both businesses and consumers. Prasun  Sarkar, an ex-employee of Alibaba India operations, started it in 2017. Milmila strives to help  most Indian small and medium-sized merchants handle sourcing challenges by equipping  them and supplying them with the most creative and high-quality items at wholesale prices.  They also provide wholesale buyers with the ability to source products on demand.  

They are presently offering a zero-investment distributor scheme in the manner of drop  shipping to its customers. You may also source hundreds of goods in the Lifestyle,  Electronics, and Home & Living categories on a budget.  

Website: https://www.milmila.com/  


TradeIndia operates in a similar manner to Indiamart in that it is a business-to-business  wholesale marketplace. Bikky Khosla founded the company in 1996, and its website receives  an average of 20 million monthly visitors. The platform facilitates the meeting of buyers and  vendors. This benefits both exporters and buyers by allowing them to receive the goods they  desire at the best possible price.  

Buyers may submit their RFQ requirements and find products from all around the world. In  India, you may buy wholesale apparel, sarees, and jewelry online. Because it is completely  free for both buyers and sellers, you must exercise extreme caution when choosing a source.  

TradeIndia is one of the best online wholesale websites in India.  

Website: https://www.tradeindia.com/  


E-Indiawholesale is a division of the Jaipur market, a Jaipur-based company launched in  2013. It is one of India’s leading online wholesale websites, catering mostly to resellers,  merchants, and wholesalers of fashion wear and jewelry in India and overseas. They may  provide direct factory prices to their customers since they have their production facility.  

For merchants in India, the minimum order size is Rs 5000, while for overseas clients, it is  $100 for every buy. They have a one-of-a-kind variety of clothing and Indian jewelry that is  otherwise difficult to come by. To expedite the shipping procedure, they have connections  with FedEx, DHL, UPS, and Indian Post.  

Website: https://www.eindiawholesale.com/  

Wholesale Mantra  

Wholesale Mantra is an Indian-based online wholesale marketplace that sells kurtas,  lehengas, bottoms, sarees, salwar kameez, as well as other home furnishing goods. All of  their traditional and Indian apparel comes with a price guarantee. They serve the Indian and  Pakistani populations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany,  and other countries.  

They also provide customized tailoring services to ensure that customers receive garments  that are fitted to their specific demands. Wholesale orders from outside the United States are  dispatched and delivered within 4-5 days.  

Wholesale Mantra is one of the best online wholesale websites in India. 

Website: https://wholesalemantra.com/  

Industry Buying  

In India, Industry Buying is an online wholesale website. There are 5000 vendors in more  than 40 categories and 600,000 SKUs on board. This online wholesale market in India  concentrates mostly on industrial essential commodities like Surveillance cameras, safety  footwear, pumps, power tools, and much more.  

You may register a profile and ask for wholesale pricing if you want to buy things at a greater  discount. International clients can pay by credit card, and Indian consumers can pay in cash. 

Website: https://www.industrybuying.com/  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Purchasing in bulk is a talent and an art form in and of itself. Even if you have some  experience buying in bulk, you should ask a wholesaler a few questions before handing them  your business.  

What is your base or minimum order?  

Huge wholesalers may ask you to purchase a large quantity of merchandise, such as 10,000  pieces. This is a problem for small businesses that don’t have the space to store a lot of goods.  It’s a good idea to seek wholesalers who offer customers in smaller amounts or lots.  

How Do You Handle Returns?  

You don’t want to be stuck with units of specific items if they don’t sell or arrive broken.  Check the refund policy of the wholesalers to see how accommodating the company can be  with returns. Inquire about guaranty sell-throughs, which reward you with rewards points or  cash reimbursements for products that are returned.  

How long does it take you to ship a package?  

There are a few reasons why you need to know this. To begin, double-check that you’re not  advertising goods that aren’t now available. Furthermore, you’d want to understand when the  goods will arrive around your area. Container shipments by sea, for example, typically take  45 to 60 days to complete. Inquiring about shipping times will assist you in making the  necessary preparations.  

What are your terms of payment?  

Every wholesaler will have their very own terms of payment, and it’s up to you to agree to  their demands. Some may request payment in advance, while others may accept cash on  delivery. Before you place an order, think about your payment alternatives.  

How can a seller sell shoes online in India?  

If you’re a shoe manufacturing company or distribution company, there are several useful  business-to-business websites that can help you sell your products. Registering on Alibaba  and Indiamart is something we strongly advise you to do.  

Aside from that, once you’ve registered as a seller on Amazon, you can try out Amazon  Services. When you finally set up your page on one of these sites, we’re confident you’ll get a  lot of traffic. Remember to upload high-quality photos and set reasonable prices. This makes  a positive impression on the customers, who are more likely to purchase the products.  

Wholesale internet shopping can be a joyful – and rewarding – experience when you locate  wonderful goods for your company thanks to the amazing websites on this list. With  hundreds of websites vying for your attention, finding the ideal wholesaler requires a lot of  time and study. You won’t know which websites offer the best combination of distributors, 

functionality, and customer support until and unless you spend some serious time  investigating their features. 



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