Why are diverse perspectives important to businesses?

Several studies have widely reported the numerous advantages of having a multiethnic workforce. For instance, a McKinsey & Co. study found that companies that embrace a diverse workforce have 35% greater odds of success. In addition, a People Management study discovered that heterogeneous groups could make 87% more sound decisions.

However, it is insufficient for a company to have numerous employees with different viewpoints. To reap all the benefits of diverse perspectives, companies must effectively integrate those viewpoints.

If this procedure gets carried out effectively, several positive results, such as employees feeling empowered and listened to, can help boost morale. More imagination and genuine thinking are taking place, along with problem-solving. Problems are getting addressed more effectively and openly.

How To Encourage Diverse Perspectives

Here are seven methods your business can use to inspire greater diversity of thought and ideas.

1. Hire for Culture adds,not only Culture fits. 

You can shake up your employees’ perspectives through an open hiring process. If you only look for candidates who fit your company’s Culture, you’ll likely hire a group of people who all feel the same. As a result, new risks, such as unconscious biases and groupthink, can arise.

Rather than only looking for Culture fits, search for Culture adds. Consider why a candidate would benefit your company, be it a hard-to-find skillset, a different heritage, or out-of-the-box thinking. Ditch the outdated view of how things are done and be open to new ideas when hiring.

2. Encourage workers to share their own opinions in their way.  

Some people may be more willing to share their viewpoints and thoughts on business strategies with their colleagues. In addition, some people do not write down their thoughts before they voice them verbally. These are ways to share thoughts and opinions.

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Ensure you encourage open dialogue between team members and customers at all levels of your business. That way, you’ll have ample opportunities for communication, including one-on-one meetings, open chat rooms, weekly brainstorming meetings, and an open door policy.

You may unintentionally exclude people if you don’t offer multiple ways to participate. Therefore, providing options equals inclusion.

3. Create an inclusive environment where everyone’s differences get celebrated.

Office diversity is a superb resource for cultivating a productive workplace. Highlighting the features of your employees and appreciating the things that make them unique can help build a more different and inclusive work environment.

Celebrating other heritage months, recognizing major holidays from around the world, and providing education opportunities are all different ways to acknowledge diversity within your workplace. In addition, encouraging and providing opportunities for exposure to different cultural and ethnic groups can also make the workplace more multicultural and inclusive.

4. Train leaders to listen.

Your company’s leaders are naturally skilled at listening to their peers. Although this may not come to some people naturally, it can be achieved with the right resources and educational opportunities. Providing courses, seminars, workshops, and other events through virtual or online events can remind your leaders to communicate peacefully and be open-minded to what others say.

5. Show employees that speaking up is worthwhile. 

You ought to be open to the thoughts of others, but it’s equally important to put those notions into action. If you want coworkers to speak up, they must feel it will affect them.

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Some way to demonstrate to workers that their input matters is to remind them that when someone identifies an issue and contributes to a solution, the result is positive. We integrate input into our decision-making process by creating an awareness of ownership among our workers. 

Demonstrating that each member’s voices are not only listened to but valued brings about a more thought-provoking and productive work area.

6. Don’t suppress self-expression.

Regarding the work environment, 7 out of 10 staff members say that they must adopt a different personality, based on the results of a JobSage study. Again, this percentage is higher for Black employees.

Equality is more likely when employees believe they can truly be themselves at work. When employees can express who they are, they feel valuable and trusting. By promoting authenticity and self-expression through virtual and team building events, managers can also help strengthen the organization with many benefits.

7. Embrace feedback

When valuing feedback, it can help create an atmosphere that welcomes it. Employees will be willing to provide candid feedback when their opinions feel valued and their voices get heard. It will further help your company come up with innovative solutions and develop best practices.

Final Thoughts

Successful businesses depend on fostering diverse perspectives; however, this takes a dedicated commitment from each team member. If you want to provide an environment where your team can share their varied perspectives and talents, you’ll need to support them actively.

Creating a unique and inclusive workplace can be an excellent way to boost your business in many ways, like increasing innovation, improving your reputation, and introducing top-tier talent. Although creating this type of workplace may appear challenging, following these seven steps will make it much easier.

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