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If you look at Playojo UK, fruit machines, 3d slots or various video slots, you will immediately
notice that after many years they are still the most popular SLOTS STILL THE MOST POPULAR in casinos. It is often the case that
out of all the games in a casino, such slots even make up more than 90% of the total offer.
So we decided to take a look at why they are the most popular casino games.


If we look at all gambling games, it is clear that roulette, craps, blackjack or poker may have
the longest history. However, slot machines also have a rich history. The first slot machine
was made as early as the end of the 19th century, so the history of this category is more
than 120 years. Initially, slot machines could be found in bars or similar places, where in
principle no money was played. After all, for a coin thrown in, you could win a snack on the
bar, a cigar or a drink. Over time, however, it was noticed that their popularity could bring
profits for casinos. Therefore slot machines began to appear in Las Vegas and other similar
places. In the second half of the 20th century, the first video slot machines began to be
created, including those with jackpots. It was on these machines that the biggest winnings in
casinos to this day were made. There’s no denying that it was a revolution, and it became
easier and cheaper to create these games. Today they are the most popular in casinos.

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There is no denying that slot machines have a huge advantage over other gambling games
in terms of rules. This is because we do not have to learn the layouts, rules or specifics of

the game. After all, the player’s task here is only to insert a coin, and in online casinos to
choose the size of the bet, and then spin the reels. After the reels stop spinning we will find
out if we have won anything, or if a particular spin was unlucky. This means that we can
choose for ourselves a random machine, which offers online casino and we will not have
problems with its operation. Admittedly, it is always worth checking the number of lines,
possible hands or the amount of stakes, but we do not have to spend even a minute learning
the rules. Online slots are not like poker, where practice makes perfect. These are basically
the simplest gambling games.
We should also not forget that slots give us a chance to win a lot with small stakes. In
Blackjack, we can usually only double our bet. In roulette, the highest payout is a bet on one
field, where we multiply our stake a little over thirty times. On slot machines, however, it
happens that we bet 2 zlotys, and the combination of hands and multipliers may bring us
several thousand! There are also special machines with progressive jackpot. Here you can
even count on a few or several million euros won! One of the record-breakers took
advantage of a free spin without trading and won thanks to it several million euros!
Slot machines are also a huge variety of productions. You can choose for yourself classic
games with 3 reels and 1 line, newer video slots with 5 by 3 layout and 20 lines, as well as
completely new games, where the reels can be even more than a dozen, and the game itself
is slightly different from typical slots. On top of that there is the theme, as slots are often
related to films, comic books, TV series, legends, stories, selected places and cultures in the
Quite a few people also appreciate slots for their additional options. One of them is the
popular gamble, where after winning a bet we can draw one of two cards – black or red. If
you win, you double your winnings, if not, you lose the whole bet. Slot machines also often
have free spins with real winnings, bonus games, even several jackpots.
So as you can see, these are specific but at the same time extremely simple games. This is
why many people choose slot machines when gambling. At the same time the list of casinos
offering these games is sometimes endless.

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