Why are translation services in Canada so important?

Why are translation services in Canada so important
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You might be wondering why translation services in Canada are this big of a deal. Canada is a multicultural country that is proud of its multicultural people. However, multiple cultures contribute to increasing language barriers.

Language barriers can not only hinder communication, but they can startle business growth too. Removing language barriers can be a golden key to success for any business.

Canada only contributes to 0.5 percent of the world’s population. Yet, it covers 10 percent of the global translation industry. Thanks to its multicultural identity, this industry is booming even more. The following reasons explain why the translation industry is an important sector of Canada.

Multicultural People

Canada is full of people with various backgrounds, races, cultures, and ethnicities. Without any discrimination, these people have been living in harmony.

The credit goes to Canadian leadership, who brought forward the Canadian Multiculturalism Act. This act came into action in 1988. The sole purpose of this act was to protect individual identities. It ensures that people feel safe while keeping their identities alive.

Canadian people are proud of their multicultural identities. They love their culture, religion, rituals, and languages.

As of now, there are more than 200 languages in Canada. Making people feel included is an integral part of any brand. Translation services help in achieving this purpose.

Growing Number Of Immigrants

Being a house to world top companies and leading universities, Canada is a major attraction to immigrants.

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Thousands of people arrive in Canada every year to pursue their dream careers and education. A study suggests that 300,000 people step into Canada every year to fulfill their dreams.

Language barriers become a major hurdle for new immigrants, especially in states like Quebec. This increases the demand for translation services in Canada. Organizations like CC Translation actively contribute in mitigating language barriers.

Bilingual Country

The majority of the population residing in Canada speaks English. However, one-fourth of the population consists of people who speak french.

Canada has adopted English and French, both as its official languages. French has been provided equal status as English through the Official Languages Act.

People have the freedom of choice to communicate in the language they want. Having two official languages agitates the need for translation services in Canada.

Mandatory Requirements

Having two official languages makes it evident that french translations are mandatory. Every business must submit its reports in both official languages.

Talking about Quebec, 90 percent of the population speaks french there. This makes it obvious why French is the only official language in Quebec.

According to the Charter of the French Language, everything must be in French, from product packaging to annual reports.

When your customers consist of native french speakers, you have no room to make any mistakes in translation. That is where professional translation service providers can save you from burnout.

Difference In French

You might have heard various English accents like US English and UK English. Similarly, there are differences between the European French and the Canadian French.

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Expert says that language also develops some changes with the change in the region. This is what happened with the French in Canada.

Canadian French has different idioms, slang, and pronunciation. This is why Canadian french needs native french translators who are aware of these differences. CC Translation is a Canadian firm that provides professional translation services while keeping these differences in mind.

Native Language Spark Emotions

Have you ever come across a person with the same mother tongue as you, and you both immediately connected? Or a moment where you have to express intense emotions, and you immediately shift to your native language?

You may have gone through some similar experiences. Its because speaking in the native language makes us feel connected and secure.

This fact can be of significant use while marketing your products to customers. Reaching your clients in their native language can spark instant connections. This can significantly boost the company’s image and sales.

Marketing your products in French and English can help you reach a larger audience. Increase your reach with professional translation service providers like CC Translation. Get a quote now.


Translation services in Canada will become even more critical in the future. The business that wants to thrive in the Canadian market must also consider French. As the number of immigrants and multicultural people rises, the need for translation services will also increase.

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