Why doesn’t my Dishwasher Drain?

This post was most recently updated on March 16th, 2023

You have a hectic schedule. You must balance numerous obligations in addition to having children, a career, and other commitments. Due to this, you must always have a functioning dishwasher. You hardly have enough time to fill it. If it breaks, you most certainly have to hand wash the same dishes!

But if your electric dishwasher breaks down, don’t freak out. Drainage concerns with household dishwashers are the most typical issue. Although drainage issues are inconvenient, they are not insurmountable. Below are the top frequent causes of dishwasher clogs and quick plumbing solutions for them.

 Why doesn’t my Dishwasher Drain?

 Dishwashers often jam from a variety of causes. The three most frequently clogged regions of the dishwasher are:


The dishwasher’s drain hose is located next to the filter. The drain pipe from your dishwasher can be connected to your garbage disposal or kitchen sink. Over time, residue accumulates and congeals into a clogging sludge.

 Your dishwashers performance and the related appliances is impacted by hose clogs. Take a look inside the tube with a flashlight. If you spot the buildup, remove it to unclog the drain.

 Clogged filters.

In the event of a clog, you should start by checking your dishwashers bottom filters, which are located close to the sump. There are two of them within your dishwasher at the sump: a sizable filter basket and a more compact mesh filter. These two filers handle almost all of the liquid in your dishwasher’s drainage system. The majority of the dirt that was cleaned off the dishes is captured and collected by these filters during the procedure.

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 The filth from the dirty utensils might accumulate in the filter section over time and clog them. By routinely cleaning the filters in your dishwasher, you may prevent these obstructions. The filters can be easily removed with your hands and cleaned with detergent. Once the filters are changed, everything ought to start draining normally.

 Otherwhere in your plumbing system.

There are times when there isn’t even a dishwasher issue to blame for your dishwasher’s inability to empty. Your home’s pipes could experience backup if there is a sizable enough clog anyplace in them. Are you experiencing drainage issues everywhere, or just your dishwasher?

If your property is experiencing widespread drainage issues, you should have a professional evaluate the house pipes. Once we identify the issue, we may clear the obstruction so that your dishwasher and pipes function normally once again.

 How may these obstructions be cleared?

Under each issue, the fundamental solutions to these dishwasher issues are already provided. However, often the first attempt to fix anything won’t be successful. The bottleneck can be too large in some circumstances. It is thus appropriate to engage experts. In just one visit, they’ll be able to correctly identify your problem and resolve it.

Even while clogged dishwashers are often even more bothersome than harmful, you should still fix them straight away. When left unattended, tiny issues rarely remain that way for very long.

Give the Calgary Plumbing & Heating staff a call if you discover that your dishwasher is having issues. We’ll have you organized in no time!

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