Why drink Non-Alcoholic Beverages?


This post was most recently updated on October 20th, 2022

Why should you consider drinking non-alcoholic beer or alcohol-free wine? This question is common with people looking to moderate their alcohol consumption or quitting alcohol altogether; but still wanting to experience delicious craft brews. 

Simply put, from a health point of view, there are many reasons as to why it makes sense to limit or stop consuming alcohol. Continuous, long time and frequent consumption of alcohol affects your liver and increases the risk of several cancers. From a social point of view, many people going sober experience a greater sense of calmness without the emotional outbursts that come as a side effect from drinking alcohol. 

In today’s World, quitting alcohol doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite beers anymore. That’s so because many established breweries have created non-alcoholic versions of their beers, and most importantly, many NA-Beer focused breweries have started to create real craft beer versions of all the beer styles you can imagine. Non-Alcoholic Pils Beers such as Atmosphere-Brewery and IPA’s from Athletic-Brewing are setting new standards in Non-Alc and Alc-Free brewing. Read on to discover why drinking non-alcoholic beer is perfect for you.

1. Post-Exercise Recovery

One of the benefits of drinking non-alcoholic beer is that it helps to promote post-exercise recovery. This was confirmed in some recent studies published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). According to the research, drinking NA beer before exercise is ideal for maintaining electrolyte balance because of the isotonic effect of non-alcoholic beer.

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2. Rehydrating the body 

With alcoholic beers, it often becomes very hard to rehydrate the body and this is a very big concern for athletes. Furthermore, regular beers often cause a diuretic effect, a situation that increases the rate at which you urinate. Unfortunately, too much urine output will only let you feel more dehydrated.

3. Fewer calories

One of the biggest differences between NA and alcoholic beers can be seen in their calories. NA beer often comes with a calorie level of less than 50 per serving. As for alcoholic products, they come with at least 200 calories per serving.

4. Safe for nursing mothers 

Any doctor will advise against consuming alcohol while nursing. But non-alcoholic beer and also zero-proof wines are perfectly fine during that time. Research has even shown that NA wines and beers are known to be beneficial in stimulating breast milk production.

Where to buy your favorite NA beers?

ProofNoMore.com is one of the most reliable stores you can visit to buy all different kinds of NA wines, non-alcoholic beers, and other zero-proof beverages. Guinness 0.0, Sober Carpenters Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers,  Woodland Farms NA Beers from Maine, Atmosphere Breweries 0.0 Pils, Giesen 0.0 Wines from New Zealand and Leitz’ Eins-Zwei-Zero are just some of the many products you’ll find on ProofNoMore. You can learn more about how to shop online for the best non-alcoholic beer products.

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