Why Expert Web Designers Love the WordPress Platform So Much

Why Expert Web Designers Love the WordPress Platform So Much
Why Expert Web Designers Love the WordPress Platform So Much

If you know anything about web design, you might use Wix when creating a site, but more likely, you’ll use WordPress. This platform has many admirers. If you don’t know much about web design, though, you might not understand why expert web designers use it.

We’ll discuss that right now. WordPress web design experts will likely use this platform if you ask about setting up a site for your company, so you should know a little more before they do.

It’s an Open-Source Platform

For one thing, web designers like WordPress because it’s an open-source platform. That means it’s free for any individual who enjoys website creation.

Someone with the required know-how can use WordPress when creating a website and also when setting up a blog. If you have a business website and want a blog on there too, a web designer can have that up and running for you in no time. Then, you can start reaping the benefits.

It Has Many Different Themes

Web designers also like WordPress because it has so many different themes. You can browse through hundreds when creating the site that you feel will succeed within your niche.

If you tell a web designer that you want a site for your company, and you say you are in a particular industry, like making soaps or selling candles, they might give you a few different themes and ask which one you like. Certain themes and industries go well together.

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Of course, you can also pick an atypical theme with WordPress. You might choose a pretty unusual one because you want a site that looks completely different. That’s entirely your prerogative. You have so many from which you can choose, so the web designer you hire should be able to deliver one that you’ll love.

It’s the Ideal eCommerce Platform

If you’re doing eCommerce, like so many other companies in 2023, you probably have several products or services you offer online. You want a very intuitive website. When someone arrives on your landing page, they should feel like they can find your products easily and buy them with minimal effort.

WordPress lets you do that. You can quickly create product pages and add descriptions with keywords, pictures, etc. Your web designer can also do it if you’re too busy or feel you don’t have the technical expertise.

You can also set up an easy checkout and payment system with WordPress that your site visitors can use. When they do, you’ll get less shopping cart abandonment. That’s one thing you should always avoid, and WordPress’s ease of use makes conversion more likely once someone enters your sales funnel.   

You Can Make Changes Easily

You can also set up your website and take it live, but then, if you look it over and see some things you do not like so much, you can always make changes quickly and easily. You can also inform the web designer, especially if you ask that they continue monitoring your site once you take it live.

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Maybe you don’t like a particular color scheme, or you feel like the graphics aren’t working quite the way you wanted. Perhaps you’ve taken some new pictures, and you think your site should feature them as a slideshow or as still shots on your landing page.

WordPress makes changing things a simple process. It usually takes just a few moments, and you can get the alterations you desire.

WordPress Has Excellent Security Features and Analytics

You can also set up some security features using WordPress that make hacker attacks unlikely. You can use the analytics suite and monitor the site’s success. You can see the bounce rate, and you can track customer journeys.

You can follow what they do from the moment they reach the landing page. You can see how they find the product pages or whether they read your blog. You can see whether they use the social media buttons and follow you on the platforms your company uses.

If you don’t like the analytic reports, you can change the site accordingly. You can alter any features if they’re not getting enough client interactions. You can tell the site admin what you want to be changed, and they will do that for you.

WordPress provides flexibility, and even a novice can use it. You can create a site for your business yourself with it, or you can hire someone who’ll handle that for you.







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