Why learn Arabic?

Why learn Arabic?
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As one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, though rarely taught in schools outside the Middle East, we’ve chosen to bring you Arabic as the next language to learn – here are the top reasons:

1. It’s an exciting challenge

Studying Arabic involves learning an entirely new alphabet and writing from right to left. So, if you have already mastered a second or third language such as Spanish or French, no doubt you are ready to put your language skills to the test. Thus, Arabic, which uses different spheres of information processing, will stimulate your brain.

2. It’s a really nice language

If language learning was a popularity contest, Arabic would be the trend. In parts of the world like Europe and the United States, where it is not widely spoken, the language is highly sought after, both by employers and by a growing community of language students.

There’s a huge number of students who want to learn Arabic, that’s why enrolling in Arabic courses has never been greater, so the quality and availability of courses have improved rapidly.

3. Make friends among other populations…

The people of the Middle East and Arabic-speaking Africa are known for their warm welcome and sincere friendship towards visitors. The latter, with whom you almost always strike up a friendly conversation, and invited to the humblest homes to chat over a mint tea or a coffee.

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It’s not uncommon for visitors to know a word or two of Arabic – for example, Shukran , which means Thank You – but being able to converse in your hosts’ native language is a mark of extreme politeness that elicits great enthusiasm.

4. … and during your studies

Of course, spending time studying with your classmates is another proven way to create a new group of close friends. By learning together, practicing together, living together and talking together, your study abroad classmates become friends for life.

5. For a huge employability boost

While learning any second language is a good spot on your CV, the learn arabic online is an unusually sought-after choice. A good master’s degree will enhance your skill set and allow you to orient yourself towards a multitude of careers.

Whether you want to become an interpreter or work in the military, or even take up journalism or reporting, Arabic can come in extremely handy.

6. The calligraphy is beautiful

It’s an undeniable fact: ancestral Arabic calligraphy is incredibly pretty. Whether carved on the walls of historic temples, printed as centuries-old religious scriptures or scribbled in your study notebook as you practice right-to-left writing, it is both engaging and enchanting. .

How to learn Arabic fast in a non-traditional way?

There’s a website called Arabic Fast that has developed a creative mechanism that uses minimal grammar and unique techniques to make speaking in Arabic way easier. This mechanism is an ideal entry point to mastering Arabic for a non-native speaker with no prior exposure to the Arabic alphabet. It makes you able to converse in Arabic in a short period and provides an easy gateway to Modern Standard Arabic.

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For more information visit our website https://arabicfast.com/.

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