Why should I choose bullnose steps for my garden?

bullnose steps for my garden

Sleek, modern, and contemporary, bullnose steps can instantly revamp a set of old-fashioned garden steps.

They give your garden the finish it deserves and ensures that every inch of your outdoor space is as glamorous as can be.

Here are some other reasons you should choose bullnose steps for your garden oasis.

1.Bullnose steps keep you safe and secure

Not only are bullnose steps infinitely more stylish than traditional steps, but they are much safer.

Bullnose steps soften the impact of falls

The rounded “bull nose” across the end of the step is considered safer than traditionally shaped stairs.

Instead of a straight edge which focuses impact on a smaller surface area and causes potential cuts and grazes, bullnose steps curve delicately, meaning they aren’t as sharp if users fall- reducing the likelihood of injuries.

Bullnose steps increase tread size and visibility

Bullnose steps allow for a greater space for treading, making steep stairs much easier to climb. .

Similarly, the rounded edges of bullnose steps can be easier to see, stopping people from having accidents when missing steps.

2. Bullnose steps are elegant and stylish

The edge, or stair nosing, on bullnose steps delicately curves downwards, and can sometimes curve around either side to meet the stringer fascia.  

Bullnose steps create stunning focal points out of a feature traditionally only used to add depth and volume to the garden. The bullnosed long edge of the steps creates contrast by casting a shadow on the riser beneath, which can add drama and a sense of luxury.

They can also add moments of accent or contrast, creating timeless elements to new focal points with garden walls and seating spaces, in both contemporary and traditional designs.

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Likewise, double bullnose steps are perfect for turning garden walls into accessible seating areas, giving them new life and purpose.

Find bullnose step suppliers today

Bullnose steps provide a quick but impactful change, that can make a new feature of your existing garden steps.

To achieve this, bullnose step suppliers have a wide selection of stone types, including sandstone, granite, limestone, porcelain, and slate, giving you endless design options to choose from- allowing you to fully transform your garden steps into works of art!

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